Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

Wish I can play full version of these (dead) games before I die :slightly_smiling_face:

Team Zero (Please come back Dolphinzgirl :sob:)
From Ashes We Rise by Wraith :cry:
Second Chances by Wraith
Tall tale of Draigs by honeymichie
Empty Shell by Cecilia_Rosewood
(Don’t) Wake Me Up by Isabella_Welch
The Clueless Teen’s Guide to Living with the Supernatural by CS_Closet
Monsters of New Haven High by Sashira
Carebanet Girls by Grapefruit

And some favorite ongoing games:
Guenevere by jeantown
Choice of Rebels
Model Citizens: Unmasked by RenaB
Children of the Gods by Rohie
The Wayhaven Chronicles by Seraphinite
Fallen Hero series by malinryden