Tall tale of Draigs (WIP) formerly known as Drágóneer (WIP)



Hello everyone, I’m not really new here, but I’ve been gone for some years and I forgot what my previous account was, Lols sorry. Anyway, this game is still in the works and this is still a draft so expect possible errors to occur or some wrong wordings or spellings.

It’s a fantasy game about the care of some dragon lizards.

@M-D-M is the only one who can post updates and/or changes with my game/s. They are my co-author, partner and anything they say goes. Thanks everyone.

Posting of the UPDATED GAME LINK will be on end-September not sure of the date because I have to coordinate with the coder for it, but my personal deadly dead line is end-September


Drágóneer Game link

The game “Drágóneer” is changed to “Tall tale of Draigs” because people seem to confuse it to either “Dragoneer, formally The Dragoneer (real name Sean P. Piche; born March 25, 1980)” or the game “Dragoneer’s Aria” lols okay so name change is in order….

Funny fact nobody seems to get that the letters with the (´) on the previous game title “Drágóneer” is called an acute accentor use when writing the alphabet in Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek P.S. not really sure about Greek so correct me on that if I am wrong. Also saying/reading it is a little different, but since everyone reads it as “Dragoneer” without the accentor’s well…… hehehe just wanted to share that funny fact… still I bet my one US Dollar bill no one was really able to correctly pronounce it right… hehehehe… I guess this is one of the many factors that I had to consider when I decided to change the game title…and typing it seems difficult to some…

Bug reporting. How to report bugs?
Well, you just post it here on this forum topic or if you like your privacy then just PM it to me, but please oh please don’t post anything with an image. I can’t see those… I’m blind… be considerate of this blind man…

The better question is, what kind of reports am I looking for?


Misspelled words that you’ll eventually stumble upon while playing the game. Do report them, please. What they look like? Here is an example. (Note: Image provided by co-author.)

Misused words

Words that are correct words, but the usage is wrong. Do report them, please. What they look like? Here is an example. (Note: Image provided by co-author.)


They are the period, question mark, exclamation point, comma, semicolon, colon, dash, hyphen, parentheses, brackets, braces, apostrophe, quotation marks, and ellipsis. Hard or easy depending from person to person. When you stumble upon them do report them, please. What they look like? Here is an example. (Note: Image provided by co-author.)

Gender flipping

This is an obvious code error. If this ever happens please report them. What they look like? Here is an example. (Note: Image provided by co-author.)

Possible code error

Now this is a little tricky to know if it’s a bug or not. In this case when in doubt report them, please. What they look like? Here is an example. (Note: Image provided by co-author.)


The way in which words are put together to form proper sentences. Me: Am I looking for them? Nope. You: Ermahgerd does that mean you’ll publish your stories with your subpar grammar? Me: Nope. You: Huh? But your mixing past tense, present tense, etc. Me: I will be eternally grateful if you’ll help me with my grammar, but for the moment I’m more concerned about coding errors and continuity errors. Once I’ve finish the game from start to end I’ll start correcting the grammar mistakes and burn a hole to my wallet by hiring a legit editor.

What kind of feedback am I looking for?


Generally, what you think about the plot of the story? Is it attention grabbing or is too generic?

Story pacing

Is the story moving slow? fast? medium speed? Okay, scrap medium speed. But you get the idea, right? I’m asking if the pacing of the game seems slow at time or is going to forward. Does it make sense that I’ve speed up the pacing on one scene then slow it down on another scene.


Ah the good old why you hate, love, and like a certain character. It may not seem much, but to me as the writer it helps me focus on characters that you readers want to get to know more. The more you like or hate a character the better.


Okay this is subjective, but it really is one of the things that are important. Say on my game the MC character’s uniform was a generic grey color. There wasn’t a choice to change its color nor the other NPCs reaction to the MC wearing the said uniform. Someone suggested if it’s possible to make the MC choose their uniform’s color. What did I do? I made it possible. The result? Everyone was happy about it and they get to explore the possibilities of having different scenes as well as knowing which NPC likes or hates their chosen uniform color. Is there any connection to the game? Dialog changes are obvious, but the non obvious one will be NPC respect and or admiration points towards the MC which ultimately depends on their uniforms color lols. So, yeah suggestions are good.


Really anything you want to type in I’ll take it even unrelated questions… well maybe relate them to the game. But yeah, anything you’d like to share I’m all ears and complimenting me is a good start… a really good start…or hate me I don’t care cuz I’ll give you poisoned cookies eventually mwhahahaha

Questions that I got asked when I changed the game title

Yes, I changed it last month and posted the game as well last month on another forum. That forum is for the blind people like me and then I realized I forgot to update this thread… So sorry folks this lazy blind man is getting forgetful for his youthful age.

My answers are wacky so forgive me I ate bad cookies when I answered the general questions.

Why change the game title?

Because I want to so deal with it…… Okay jokes aside I already posted it at the top of this post so read it again.

Can insert NPC name be Male or Female?

I just want everyone to know that None of the NPC will ever have their gender flipped. I know it’s just a matter of code and all, but I’ve already established the NPCs personalities, gender identity, as well as their preferred sexual orientation. It’s not just a matter of flipping their gender. Hope you guys understand and thank you.

Will there be anything different with the last game?

Yes and No. There will be major changes like the part where the other species/race of the game world where all forbidden by the Elders of the MC’s tribe to live with them because of the incident with one of the major villages. That part is deleted which mean the MC will be aware that there are more than one species/race in their world.

What are the species/race?

Draig, Ranken, Shepian, Dergkan, Humajuma, Sylphid, Jumi, and Turtlets.

Is Logan still there?

Yeah he is (note to the fans of Logan don’t kill me he is fictionally still alive till I decide to kill him….)

When will the game be completed?

Honestly, I don’t know so take advantage of the game being “free” because once its near completion I need to pull it away from public links and then burn a hole to my wallet for a legit editor.

Why not add an NB option for the MC? Why can I only choose male and female? Not my cup of tea game if you won’t add an NB option

Okay let’s get this one out of the bag. When I first wrote the game I am not that aware of non-binary pronouns and I’m still in fact learning about them. I also do not want to add something that will make the reader/player uncomfortable because I used their preferred pronoun in a not correct way. There are different ways an NB would like to be referred to. I do not want to make it feel like I added it for fan service I want to add it because it’s going to mean something to me as well. I want it to be because I have an understanding of an NB person’s perspective when they interact with a non-NB NPC or another NB NPC. I am not confident that adding it will deliver justice to an NB MC for I still think I lack understanding what it truly means to be an NB. I hope in the future I’ll feel confident with my writing to add an NB MC and I do hope that when I do add NB options it will be at par with my normal writing so it won’t feel like an afterthought thing just to please people. I’d rather burn in hell then add something I am not familiar with and get accused for adding just to give false hope to a reader. I apologies for those requesting for an NB MC.)

Is the game limited to only one RO? Can I get two RO?

Yes and No. It mainly depends on the NPC your MC will be eventually romancing. Take note that I’ve already established the NPCs personalities, gender identity, as well as their preferred sexual orientation. Which means they can be leaning towards monogamy, polygyny, polyandry, or polyamory. Which of them well you’d have to find out. MC is an open canvas do as you like with them

Wait so no Asexual?

I repeat I’ve already established the NPCs personalities, gender identity, as well as their preferred sexual orientation. Which means they can fall under Asexual, Bisexual, Heterosexual, Homosexual. That is also included for the MC so play with you MC’s sexual orientation if you dare….As to who, play the game my curious child….

Are there any characters who got axed?

If you mean got deleted why yes…

Are there any characters who are newly added?

Yeah…. They are new ones too….

How frequently will you be updating?

My dear child…I will updated when the planets align the sun burns brighter than any star the moon shatters into dust and when Ragnarok is announced you’ll you see flying pigs fart money bags…. Okay jokes aside it really depends I can’t really say when, but I’m making a personal goal of 2 weeks max starting September 2017

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I liked it a lot! Definitely gonna keep an eye on this :smile:
Even if you don’t plan to use that cover art, it’s adorable!


"The house is surrounded by bushes and a large tree with a swing is on the front lawn."
There is a mistake in this sentence, the ‘is’ and ‘on’.

I suggest:
"The house is surrounded by bushes and a large tree with a swing that sat on the front lawn."
“The house is surrounded by bushes and a large tree with a swing on the front lawn.”

If you want to be more creative then…
“The house is surrounded by these prickly bushes and a large tree attached with a basic old looking swing nestled in the front yard, as they swayed along with the howling night winds.” Or a least something along those lines. But it is up to you.

Note: I am not a professional author

The house looked like a small dome with a dark wood door that has a circular clear glass in the center. The windows are shaped like portholes without the metal ring. The surface of the house looked like it’s made of gravel. The house is surrounded by bushes and a large tree with a swing is on the front lawn.


“Hi,” Logan cautiously greeted as yawned.

There is a mistake, the word, ‘as.’

I suggest:
" “Hi,” Logan cautiously greeted with a yawn.“
” “Hi,” Logan cautiously greeted as a yawn followed after. "
Or along those lines, up to you.

Note: I am not a professional author


@honeymichie Just curious. Is the hatchling on the cover image an original drawing or is it shopped? It looks oddly familiar.


I like it so far! Some errors I got:

Found this bit of repetitiveness. It occurred after I defended Bastian in class, all the interactions with him after that were him defending MC, so I’m assuming the former line of dialogue is correct rather than the latter.

Then later

finally, I got an error after meeting the elder in the classroom when Bastien asked about other races: phase_4 line 370: Non-existent variable ‘d_shift_g’

That said, I like it so far. The world and characters are interesting. Hope to see more of this project in the future :slight_smile:


Really liked the game so far. Especially the “pucker” part. :laughing:


Thanks for the vote of confidence for the game. @RedRoses

Everything is still a draft so do expect wording or spelling errors from time to time, but I really appreciate the wording errors you’ve encountered. @Dan_Mane I’ll ask my partner in crime to fix those.

@Owlet I drew it myself, but surfed the net to find some dragon models. Until my partner can make a cover art, that cover is only a temporary thing.

Those are error thanks for locating them @Bootsykk. I’m glad you’re enjoying the world we created.

@Elimajor I was afraid of that scene actually, I’m glad @Aera was the one who made it and glad you’ve enjoyed the game so far.

Oh, I can only mention two users because I’m a new member whoops. :flushed:


Fixed that because it sounds annoying. If you want help trying to recall the name of your last account just holler. (There’s a handy search feature though so if you can even remember any threads you posted on or whatnot.)

The game sounds fun. Good luck with it. I can’t play it in case I end up stealing all of the ideas. :slight_smile:


Anyway, this is a great interactive story. It has potential, much potential, I hope to see your progress in the future. I will actually keep an eye on this. Hope you do good and justice to this mighty interactive story.

There are a bit of repetitiveness in the story and such.

Hope you have an awesome day and best hopes to your future works! :ok_hand: :smiley:

-When asking questions, I wish to know how much we can ask and what question that could make the chat end completely and switch to a new one in the story.


@FairyGodfeather So much has changed, I’ve been here from 2012, but stopped. I forgot what threads or what user name I previously used. I’m sorry. I don’t mind if you steal some ideas since @Aera was a little touchy when we we’re creating this, she did mention a baby dragon game already here that she booked marked it. I played it and am very addicted to it, but didn’t necro it because it might get closed even if I’m dying for the smelly baby dragon. I begged her and threatened her with chocolates to make this game with me.

@Dan_Mane Thank you, thank you. I’ll have to re-read them and send the corrected ones. Oh, the questions are intended to stop at a certain number because it limits the time when you’re traveling. Like when you talked with your brother Logan about your first day in school, you’ll eventually reach the school so it has a limit. While talking with Amber, you only have thirty minutes before Yusef and Logan gets you.


Ah I see, thank you very much.


Lols Are you saying that I’m dead? Yeah just send me what you want fixed and I’ll fix it. Bah, I thought we made a deal not to release this yet until one of us finds an available editor? :confounded:


That was fun. As usual I get too into playing I rarely notice any spelling error or other things, but at least I can say I enjoyed it a lot. :relaxed:

Glad to get a peek, even if @Aera may not have been in on it. :open_mouth: :wink:


This is awesome never enough dragon games if you ask me are you going to add character customization


Fantastic game so far. I shall be watching with anticipation :smile:


hmm i like it, this kind of reminds me of divinity games :smile: the part about dragons atleast xD


My excuse is that I was controlled by evil forces to post it! @Aera I love you! :kissing_heart:

@JTAL Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the game though I would need to re-read before the update.

@Kronos I missed choice of dragons, so I’ve decided to make one even if I had to annoy someone to code for me hehehe. Happy to hear you’re having fun with this.

@LordOfLA Thank you, thank you.



"Bastian didn’t sneer at you as you pass him. You hear him tell your other classmates to stop harassing you and Amber. Surprised you tried to talk to him, but he quickly walks away. Bastian also sneered at you as you pass him, he told your other classmates to stay away from you and Amber or they could catch your stupidity. Angered you tried to talk to him, but he quickly walks away. Beatrice frowned as she passed by you. You hear her tell your other classmates to avoid you because you’re dirty. Laughing with her friends, she quickly walks away. "

It says Bastian doesn’t sneer, but later on it says he does sneer. Is this a mistake or intentional?


Keep up the great work! ^^ @honeymichie, i really enjoyed playing as a girl.

Of course with a secret crush on her non real brother/ Lougan. Will he be a RO option? In the future? since their not even blood related and all which I am soooooo glad for.

Either way excellent work :grinning::grin::slight_smile: And i cant wait for more.