Dragon Racer (Discussion)



And Dragon Racer is here! Insert some random dragon or flying pun, or something witty here. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through these years when it came to this book. The biggest thanks to the beta readers and all of my amazing supporters on Tumblr. Also, to anyone who reads it and takes a chance on it, I thank you as well.

If curious about checking out the game, you can check the game out at these following places:

Google Play Store | App Store | Hosted Games Website | Steam | Amazon

But I should make a discussion for this right? looks at other authors who did But discuss here or come and follow me at my Tumblr where I’m a lot more active and post much more. I’ll be happy to answer any question or listen to any critique that you want to share.


Romance Options in Game
  • Allison Gervesin: Can only be romanced by male MC’s
  • Cassius Vivet: Can only be romanced by female MC’s
  • Shader Ausley: Can be romanced by any MC
  • Nyx de Azoulay: Can be romanced by any MC
  • Saren Perrot: Can be flirted with but romance does not start. Can only be romanced by male MC’s
Can I win the Golden Chance race?

No, but you can win an achievement. Otherwise you will always lose this race.


Man I have never bought a game so quick.

cracks finger and neck I’m so ready for this. Also congratulations, I’m happy to finally see this gem published.


Loved the game.!!! Simply Amazing. :+1:t2:


simply put, this game is totally amazing. I loved everything about this game. thank you @ToxicDreams for making such an amazing game. keep up the good work :slight_smile:




Congrats on the release, I’m really enjoying this game so far! Especially the scene of the MC’s and our dragon’s mother’s death, it was heartbreaking but beautiful. I haven’t finished playing yet, (slow reader) but the characters seem great. I’m really looking forward to diving into MC’s backstory a little deeper.

I would like to ask, is Saren a RO? In the closed discussion thread, he seemed to be, but I can’t see his achievement in the main game.


Thank you! And Saren is a RO but you can only do some mild flirting in DR, the second book is when his romance actually really starts.


Just bought it and loving it so far. There was an instance of mixed up pronouns early on but that’s the only issue I’ve noticed. Really excited to keep playing.


Sorry to impose this on you @ToxicDreams, but I saw some things in my three playthroughs which I took screenshots of (again, I really need to just email support)

This screen shot contains two problems in one. You can spot the first one easily. The second one is complicated; I don’t know what happened, but I got Solo 100% a couple of chapters ago, which is weird because throughout my third walkthrough, I was acting as a team player.

Now, I choose Dragon 101 on my third walkthrough and I think this is a class that allows you to get hints (?) (I’d have to check again), but on the stats page, I don’t receive any hints, even though I had my MC listen to all the classes.

There is another issue, but I may have to elaborate on it another time.

With that said, I still believe this is a solid game nevertheless and I had fun playing it. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: it would appear you can’t hide and view screenshots properly with the hide details tab. So I had to remove for you to see.


You’re not an inconvenience at all, and thank you for pointing them out. I know I saw the Solo stat error and you pointing out the others is helpful so thank you!


Is Cassius an RO? Ive resetted my game twice because i thought my actions concerning a particular green dragon had something to do with it.


He is but he is genderlocked to just females, if that was the reason why.


Ahhh that makes sense. I always got the “uncomfortable but don’t wanna be rude” type of vibe from him. Woops haha


@ToxicDreams Do you have any plans to include a save/checkpoint system similar to Tin Star? I’ve been playing quite a bit of this and it’s certainly long enough that such a system would be very useful (If, for example, I wanted to experience a certain section again).


Any tips to increase the relationship/romance with Shader?


first of all, congrats for the reléase @ToxicDreams i will buy it today when i have a bit of time and read it, i did give it a look in the cog page and it seems there is a wrong description here since is a she not a he

Dragon Name: Galzra

Dragon Health: 100

Appearance: Gold Dragon

Traits: Lawful, Wise, Proud, Intelligent

Dragon Bond: 50%

Evil: 20% Good: 80%

Flight: 40%

Speed: 35%

Swim: 25%

Detailed Appearance: He has wise, grey eyes and a short but sharp head and neck spikes. He has smooth chest plates, and on his tail are thicker spikes that are spread out a bit more than his neck. He has two sets of powerful, smooth wings that have three phalanges and a thorn-like scale tip on each one.


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The dragon? I thought the dragon is always male. Probably I’ve read this in the old wip thread and since I didn’t get to choose the dragons gender I assumed no changes were made since then regarding that. Or was it changed so the dragon has the opposite gender as the MC?


Can you make the red and black dragon good?


You can pretty much chamge all the available dragons alignment.

@Marcos_Brites, if you are refering to your first ever race, you lose no matter what.

@djisma69, I think our dragon is a male. I say this because, for that particular dragon, if you don’t interfere with its fight with Shader’s dragon, Nyx’s dragon is attracted to the MC’s dragon as a result, whom I presume is female.