Dragon Racer Fan Works

So my latest CoG/HG craze that has spiralled me back into my 2010 ‘dragons phase’ :joy: … is @ToxicDreams’s newest title : Dragon Racer

Originally posted to my instagram: Featherxcrown

Starting a fan art topic here so if anyone would like to post their own, you’re welcome to!

Cloud Chaser, Cassius’ Icy White Dragon - Lazy half lidded eyes and a lax curved smile for Xtra Laziness :zzz:

Hurim, Saren’s Green Dragon - Open mouth post for imaginative annoying sounds :roll_eyes:

Zahara, Nyx’s Violet Dragon - Going for the sleek cunning and sultry dragon look. :dancer:
Not 100% happy with this as she doesn’t seem too ‘exotic’ enough for a ‘foreign’ dragon, will likely re-do

Lazarus, Shader’s Black Dragon - TANK-Y BOI NEEDS TO BE THICC :boom:

I had 2 play thoughs with 2 different types of dragons

First playthrough was with a Blue Dragon :ocean:

and here is my 2nd Red Dragon :fire:

Formation ! - No. Saren because he was a DBag and I 100% punched him in the face.

I have my MC created but still need to create the lineart and all. Preliminary sketches of the trio also made but nothing truly solid yet.

Let me know your thoughts on my visualizations of these great characters!

PS. I am open to doing commissions and art for your Hosted Game Titles!
More info here: https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/illustration-artist-and-designer-for-cover-art-sketches-titles/15622/31