Dragon Racer (Discussion)



@Pheriannath I would have to go check out Tin Stars way of doing that since I never thought of actually adding that in. I know there’s not a save feature at the end but I’ve been told that HG won’t add one until they know there’s a sequel coming.

@Kendra In the beginning mostly, hang out with him at any opportunity. When prompted after working to either walk the tracks, organize, or see if anyone needs help – organize. Explore the area after talking to Cassius when he has the snowballs. Basically improve his relationship and try to hang out with him.

@djisma69 The dragon is automatically a he, you are not able to choose his gender.

@jonathan_wilson cough cough You can’t. nervous cough

@SuperNova Yes, you have to seriously commit to it though and pretty much suffer your bond to turn them over though.


How Can you win the second race??? (The first race as a rookie)


I noticed the same ‘100% Solo’ bug as @MIGSey. I don’t know if you nailed it yet but it occured to me in ‘oneofus.txt’ near the end:

You find yourself nodding your head, committing yourself to the three riders in front of you.
	#Their passion for what they're doing is similar to mine, and that's why I want to join.
		*set Solo *5
		*set Fame -5
	#I've slowly begun to find myself admiring them; I want us to be a team.
		*set Nyx +2
		*set Cassius +2
		*set Shader +2
		*set Solo *5
	#This is my dream, simply put.
		*set Solo +5
	#These are Team Cup champions; joining them is the quickest and smartest way to become a champion, as well.
		*set Solo +10
		*set Fame +5

Rather than (presumably) subtracting 5 from ‘Solo’ for the ‘team player’ options, it’s multiplying the existing value by 5.

I also spotted a smaller bug in savedbytheroar.txt during the ‘Arcane 101’ lesson:

	*if ((Knowledge >=10) or (Survivability >=10))
		*set Shader +2
		"Nope, I got this," you say and begin to fiddle with the lock. After you're done, you smile at Shader, who raises an eyebrow, trying to hide the fact that he's impressed. You push the door open, revealing two others and the instructor. He looks over at you in shock; that is, until his eyes land upon Shader.
		*goto A1
		"You can pick locks?"
		*goto A1
	*label A1
	"Looks like it, doesn’t it?" he answers and begins to fiddle with the door, which soon sways open, revealing two others and the instructor. He looks over at you in shock; that is, until his eyes land upon Shader.

Even if you pass the skill check to pick the lock, Shader also picks the lock for you.

Bugs notwithstanding I’m enjoying the story so far.


yea buddy, that’s the same thing I found and now there’s a big hole in my wall from where my head connected with it . . . multiple times.

Thank you as well for the savedbytheroar!

@HiroLeDiablos Yes you can win that race. It will be quite a lot to put and unless you want to look at the code yourself, I’ve been asked to do a guide for the competitions. If I link that to you when it’s done, would that be okay?

For now, I can only say use the stats that are the highest.


How get the achievment Born racer and win the first race? I was on the first place the whole time, but near the finish line I was pushed off a suddle. Positively infuriating. How to avoid this?


@alessin, this sadly answers your question. As for the born racer achievement, It’s trickier to explain, whether you have to be in first place for the majority of that race (cause that’s how I got it).

@Roaring_Donut, when talking with Cassius and Nyx, there’s a conversation choice that briefly touch on them. I actually took a pic for me to remember, but long story short; Dressage is both you and your dragon looking fancy, Freefall is climbing up a high place and then descending to the ground, Battle Royale is fighting other riders and their dragons and Puzzle Key is trying to find a key in a tricky place, I.e finding it in a maze.

Finally, @ToxicDreams, concerning Allyson, how could you :cry: ?


I don’t get what the events like dressage, freefall, battle royale and whatnot are ? Did I miss some explanation somewhere ?


Found some small stuff:





It was fabulous! Will there be a part 2?


Congratulations on the release! I’m loving it so far. I’m sad to hear that Cassius is genderlocked to females, I’ve reset my game several times wondering if I did something wrong, despite having a high relationship with him. Is this something that you might consider changing?


Strange, I didn’t recieve the achievement. Maybe it matters what choices you use during the race? But my top skil was flying and I’m pretty sure I got through all the skillchecks :frowning: Edit: Wait, during the race first the text’s saying that i’m tied up for the first place and on the next slide it saying that i’m looking at someone’s backside, and on the slide after that i’m still at the first place. Is this a bug?


So… As suggested I took screenshots of whenever there was some important information in the game. But! Apparently it wasn’t enough! So here I am again, in search of the “right” answer! I don’t wanna mess this up lol. It’s the second race.

Anyway, I’ve been really enjoying what I got to play this far. Also seeing at how long it seems to be I can’t wait to read more!


uh…first…I had a weird issue when I played the demo . Uh I was walking with Nyx lady , right ? and at some point I had this choice ‘‘Go visit your parents’’ . Weird enough , I clicked it.,…and it sent me back to the scene where ‘my mom freak out and make me promise not to leave’’ …

question : why can’t we choose our dragon gender , and have more choice…in their personality ? right now they are all gender locked dude . And only 2 are goods…well one is a wimp and the other supposedly ‘good’ gold dragon growl as good as the black dragon ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

other then those two…I enjoyed the beginning alot…


@MIGSey nervous coughing Um . . . you see what had happened was :sweat:

@alessin It does depend on your choices. I’ll check it out just in case, but there is a part (depending on choices) where what you describe sounds like it would happen. But I’ll edit this once I check.

@jw852 Thank you and probably not, I guess it’s weird to explain but Cassius’s character just never came off as gay to me. There is another male LI that will be added who will be pansexual if that makes it a bit better??

@Bella_Morte Thank you and yep, I’m planning for it to be three books.

@Caleb Lean and move forward is the right answer.

@E_RedMark Can you tell me where that happens so I can check it out, because yea weird issue indeed. And concerning the second part, this was my first game, I was still learning the code and having a second batch of pronouns (maybe even three for NB’s) was a lot. Same goes for personality as that would have been a lot of traits to juggle and incorporate all at once to make it feel like it mattered.

But thank you for your response and pointing the issue out.


was the scene right after you walk with Nyx (That lady with weird accent ?)…you know…when you get the choices of '‘hoo food’'or ‘‘Store? general store?’’ …


Can I just say, I have the crazy luck everytime I play COGs. As in, I picked that and lucked out when i realise this was the right choixe on the first playthrough. I got Second though, but it didn’t matter at the time ( a podium postion is still a podium postion).


was not the same gender you choose when you first made your wip? hmmm


That sounds good! I’m fine with genderlocked LIs, but it was just a bit deceiving that there were selectable romantic choices to do with Cassius despite me being a male. So I thought he was gonna be available when those came up.


@E_RedMark Thank you, I’ll check it out.

@djisma69 It’s always been he, I never changed that.

@jw852 Completely understand, when I fix errors I can actually go in and make sure that it doesn’t show up unless you fit the ‘specifications’ (I guess that’s the right word, I don’t know lol).


I didn’t see it said anywhere, maybe it would be noticed down the line, but what color Hurim (Saren’s dragon) is?