Dragon Racer (Discussion)



Pretty sure he’s a Black Dragon.


Think it was a blue dragon.


Hurim is green.


Hi! I was wondering…when at the festival, I chose to spend time with Shader. I found him doing his thief-thing and then we spoke. When he then asked if I had ever stolen before, I couldn’t answer the -Don’t insult me. Of course!- even though I wanted to. So what should I do to get to the point where I can choose that option?


I believe you would have to have had your mc steal things before and probably frequently as well. When choosing your MC greatest stat prior to the prologue, there’s a choice that says as much and also you have the opportunity to steal if you spebd time with cassius at one point, prior to your official rookie race.


@HiroLeDiablos I believe that’s a stealth stat check and maybe charisma so just make sure those two are high.


I just finished my first play through and it was so amazing! I can’t wait for more!


Whose plan do I have to go with for Duncan to choose me for the rookie showcase ?


Me too, I usually wait forever to decide weither to buy a game or not but this one just stole my heart right away


It depends on your stats; pick Nyx if you are a sneaky person, pick Cassius if you are a honest person or pick Shader if you are a mischievous person ( at least with that (I think), probably helps to have been pranking or messing with Saren ).


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@Daxterix, the author has confirmed we cannot save her. Sorry :man_shrugging:t5:


Does anyone know how to win the relay race?


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First of all, congratulations on the release! I didn’t know about the wip at all until it was near release so I played my first playthrough blind without knowing what to expect. I must say I’m really blown away by the story and the characters! (Didn’t even hesitate in buying it right away after I reached the end of the demo)
I did encounter a few errors in my playthrough, usually just a few repeated lines, but I was too engrossed in the story to screenshot it. I will try to ss it if I encounter them again though.
I want to list some things I really like about this:

  • I love the dragons! I’m happy that we get to interact a lot with them throughout the story and the bonding process goes in depth that I feel that we really are connected to our dragon characters
  • the team members are just… :ok_hand::sparkles: when the mc goes to fly with them as a team for the first time and one of them says “looks like we got a fit” I swear I wanna cry it’s just such a good scene
  • thank you for not being too rigorous with the stat checks, my first playthrough mc build is always all over the place and I’m glad it didn’t stop me from enjoying the whole story :joy:
  • I love Shader… bad boys will be always my weakness in games

Currently I’m in my third playthrough and I cant wait to try all the other competitions! Although I want to ask, is it possible to win dressage? I ended up in fourth position but when I tried puzzle key race I managed to win)


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Wonder what kind of role a doomed romance will play in the next book. :thinking:


Wasn’t there one magic question inquiring about resurrection already in the game?

Anyway that ending is a real sucker-punch. Just when my mc was finally done with that stable-boy gig and was perhaps finally earning decent enough money to support his parents and their farm.
Well I suppose it is off to another continent to get Nyx her crown, throne and empire back. :unamused:


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Recently many of the authors are giving us middle finger because we like some specific ROs.