Dragon Racer (Discussion)



Tell me about it, it was the same as in Gladiator were the main RO was sold too another dude and that was that. Now this too, dang there being cruel this month :confused:


What main ro? An ro, sure, but I would contest the “main” part of that statement. She certainly wasn’t for my gay mc, who was busy lusting after his boyhood rival and some cute, unobtainable Roman boys. Unlike with Allision though you can choose to spare them and perhaps reconnect with them in the second book.

Yeah, but I don’t think the author of Gladiator meant for the childhood friend to be the be all end all of all ro’s and even if my mc had been straight or bi, I don’t usually go for the generic childhood friend or the nice guy ro’s. Which is the wonderful thing about a great many choice games, choice.
I just don’t like to see one ro “annointed” as “canon” as it tends to cheapen the rest of them.


Truer words have never been said before… I am sad… I should mope in a corner
@idonotlikeusernames I am sure you understand what he means
@ToxicDreams how to see the game code?


I’d just like to known why we get ro’s options if they die???


:pleading_face: let us embark on an epic journey to save our RO Allison in the sequel.


Better be careful when making a request of an author. They could always go the "revive the dead RO then kill them off again" route like how Marvel does with Jean Grey.


I’ve been trying to romance Shader but can’t get it right. Any tips or tricks or guides or anything would be super helpful.




I got the same “Solo 100%” thing, too (ironically, it was immediately after I enthusiastically agreed to be part of the team). :confused:


Does anyone else imagine VERY specific character voices when they read this book? Because I do. Here’s who I hear…
SHADER: “Han Solo” (Harrison Ford), Star Wars (specifically Episode IV)
CASSIUS: “Wesley” (Cary Elwes), The Princess Bride
NYX: “Tia Dalma/Calypso” (Naomie Harris), Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3
VANORA: “Rolanda Hooch” (Zoe Wanamaker), Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
DUNCAN: “Duncan” (Peter Renaday), Dragon Age Origins (video game)
SAREN: “Eddie Haskell” (Ken Osmond), Leave it to Beaver (TV show, 1958-'63)

The voice of my dragon varies from one playthrough to the next (I’m on my third already!), but my first and favorite was a gold named Argos (named for Odysseus’ trusty hound in Homer’s “Odyssey”) who sounded a lot like “Merlin” (Mark Strong) from the Kingsmen movies. :wink:
I don’t really hear a clear voice for Allison. I’m not sure why. :slightly_frowning_face:

Who do you hear? Please share! I’d love to know!


Hmm… the background noise of my neighbor…my parents doing chores…my brother talking… the carpenters working for our new furniture


I thought so too


I love the book however I do find the stats progression a bit to slow.

The most major increase on stats is based on character creation. Is it possible to have more events that can lead to faster stat growth.


Without spoiling, there is a reason for the stats not increasing as they would in a stereotypical CYOA.

Generally if you want a stat that is very high, you have to focus solely in that stat. Doing so should net it over 50%

*Got to say, this was a definite 9.5/10 (-0.5 for typos and coding issues) Characters felt very much alive to me with a great story and tons of foreshadowing (turns out i AM afraid of a ghost!). This game was equal parts frustrating as it was rewarding. When i won the Championship trophy, i audibly cheered!

I hated (ie. Loved) the ultimate conclusion that came of the letters to your parents.

For those that have done multiple runs, is there a change at the end if you don’t give Nyx the locket?

*=Included content


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The Author is cruel as I.

I applause @ToxicDreams for that decision.


I love the game but the purchase didn’t proceed and now I ended up with money loss and no game until the customer service contact me back. Can’t wait to play it though!


I like my white dragon…he is really funny


That’s my spirit animal—dragon.
We’re both too lazy to do shit


Best adventure I have had this year! And all I had to do was buy a book Lol. I absolutely love it.

My heart broke when Allison died :cry: but Nyx is my one true love :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. Good job on the book