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How books will Dragon racer have? Because honestly, the first book already has a lot of content and i just can’t wait to see what book 2 have in store for us :heart_eyes:

Romancing Shader is the best decision i’ve ever made in the game lol. He is such a tsundere i can’t


The author has said 3 books.


There are times when I think the MC is an imposter… because sometimes they call their father ‘dad’, sometimes ‘pa’, and they also sometimes call their mother ‘ma’ and ‘mother’. You know like in some murder mystery, because you called them wrong, you are not their child… and you probably killed their child and replaced them.


I spit out my drink when I read your comment there. Just imagining Toxic evilly laughing as she writes a scene and then kills Allison off again like “oh you wanted her back that bad huh? Well here! Take it and then some more!”

One thing we were discussing when it came to Allison though is that unlike everyone else in the story, she’s not helpful with what’s to come. She can’t fight, she’s not a dragon racer, she would be dead weight and we’re on the run. Only thing she could do is argue back and forth with a present Nyx and we’d have to stop them from it. So I feel now (it took persuading from others to get me here) that even if she did live, she would have to be sent off or she would want to leave.

I did a run with and without and the only changes I saw was that one scene and then the inventory info for the necklace changed. I’m thinking it will be more important in the second book.

Big question everyone: what did you do with Nyx and Saren? And did anyone else want to just whoop Douglas’s a** for what he did to us?


I want to beat saren up…


I went to all of History of Abauruth classes but no notes showed up D:


Message Toxic and tell her so that when she does the edits she can check that one as well.


I never knew how much I wanted to be a dragon rider until I played this game. There have been other games released where you can ride a dragon/reptile or be a dragon, and they were fun. But this game completely delivers on the experience.

I loved how much work there is into being a dragon rider. From going to classes, competing, and training. The setting is also completely immersive. I don’t believe that there is a scene where I am just raising stats. In just one scene where a trainer is training my dragon how to swim better, I am also getting to know the universe of this game, my dragon, and teammates.

The romances were good too. I just completed Nyx. I absolutely love her.


@ChristandJackel The coding issues are kicking my ass to the extreme and I want to apologize for how many their seems to be smh.

@Sailendranath_Murmu I wouldn’t know how to see game code as I’ve never done it. Someone else might know though.


YES! In one playthrough, I chose a red dragon and ended up with him being almost 60% good. You have to choose carefully (discipline/scolding over acceptance/freedom, mostly) and it’ll cost you some of your “bond” percentage, but it IS doable. :wink:


The most satisfying moment of the game is smacking saren in the face! My heart cried out yes after it! :clap::clap::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Please use spoiler tags when discussing big spoilers. Thanks!




First of all love the concept and story. However I have been finding countless errors, ie. Chosing a path and it acts like you chose a different route, obvious skipped pages, duplicate paragraphs(1 usually has an error or phrase in it not in the first one), also during the finals you are supposed to have a finals tab under stats to view your notes, this has not popped up for me(I still aced the test its just frusterating and I could have very easily gotten it wrong had I not read it all in one sitting)… the major issue I have is the route errors it pisses me off cause it forces my MC into options I did not choose, also at one point Allison references that I sided with Nyx during the Amore Festival which I didn’t do, another is when you are supposed to practice with Saron but are told he isn’t coming then the next page it talks about their two dragons playing in the water together, another was the 2nd option to send money to MCs parents i chose to and then it said I changed my mind and didn’t send anything… there are several more and I plan on replaying and making notes as I go next time through so I can bring your attention to them… I really hope you fix these issues in the next update as its an interesting story with good replayability.


Agreed with you, this is probably one of the biggest books with errors but at the same time it’s good and so the errors just take away what could be an excellent story.

I spoke with Toxic and she said that she’s going to do a in depth look through it all when she gets the files. I would say send this to her just so she has a record of it though and can make sure she catches each one.


oh yeah that part also stood out for me. every time I play, it mentions Saren not coming to the training session but when it’s swimming training time, he and hurim are there.


So i know there has already been alot said about alison but in my playthrough right before she died nyx saved the MC and a wyvern rider appeared the game hinted that it was a woman and that you and your dragon new her since you were extremely young. My thought is what if your mother didnt die and instead became corrupted in some manner. And while this is all speculation what if allison is not quite as dead as she appeared to be. Sidenote i really hope she isnt just dead because if she is it kinda brings into question her entire existence in the first place


You know, I have been thinking about what I would say about this game. Overall, I enjoyed it. But I cannot shake this certain… dissatisfied feeling.

I was happy to have finally won the races and came away as a champion. It felt like that moment was meant to be the end of the story, where you go home and see your parents again as a champion, use the money and fame you earned to take away all their struggles and stresses, conclude everything to do with the racing and your dragon and your relationships. But it seems like the author was not happy to let the story end like that. It seems like the author thought in that moment that they didn’t want the story to end, and so they came up with the ideas for the demons and rebellion, and your supposed rarefied blood of heroes, to push the book to become part of a series. It felt so disconnected from everything we have just been through, ultimately making all of our struggles pointless.

What did we ultimately achieve with all of this racing? Sure, we lived our dream and became a Dragon Racing Champion, but what worth is that now that the world around us burns because of an evil we never knew even existed? Well, one person did know, at least. Nyx. And she did absolutely nothing about it. I mean, how could she do that? How could she just forget about this rebellion and take up a life as a Dragon Racer? If it was anyone else, they would have gone to the King and warned anyone who would listen, try to raise an army to fight against this rebellion before it spreads to Abauruth. She didn’t even tell the other Champions about any of it. She ought have done something and yet she did nothing. I liked her quite a bit throughout the story, but, by the very end and realising all of this, she’s actually incredibly pathetic, in my view. I have no sympathy for her, as harsh as that may be. I will use her to fight this rebellion, and master these skills she will teach me for my own ends, but I would feel nothing more than that for her. She lost my respect, and hopefully you can really display such a sentiment in the next book.

And what is up with authors wanting to write their own series these days? It seems everyone wants to write their own series, and yet I debate if I will ever see half of them finished. Honestly, I felt like the story ought to have ended after the final races, and then the author could think about a sequel after they received the feedback. The sequel can then delve into the post-races content and everything involved, turning our protagonist and their friends towards another original story. That would have been better, I think.

I was also disappointed with the lack of intimacy with my dragon throughout the story. Here is an amazing legendary creature I have lived with, grown up with, gone through everything with, and yet I feel like he is nothing more than a common pet to my protagonist. For me, the real me, he would have been so much more than that. He would have been my one and only true friend, the one I am bonded to in this life and hopefully in the next, perhaps the only being in this world who I genuinely couldn’t live without. Whenever I reached those moments when you had to choose which person you wanted to spend time with, the only one I really wanted to be around was my dragon. The bond we share is perhaps the most exceptional thing about us, and yet that very bond is never really explored. It really did disappoint me. The dragon ought to have been the most precious thing in our lives, and yet I never felt like you could ever really express that sentiment.

And then there are the classes. Because the protagonist has the gift of magic, I think both the regulations lessons and the arcane lessons ought to have been mandatory. I mean, seriously, magic is a rarity in and of itself, and I cannot believe the Marauders would just allow your gifts to go unused. Duncan and Vanora should have definitely forced the arcane class on you, a condition for allowing you to stay in the Marauders. You also don’t see much in the way of progression in your skills. I focused on magic and racing skills, and couldn’t get any of them past 60. I occasionally got points in the other skills, but only half passed gained more than 10. And yet these stats didn’t seem to really matter. Most of the time, it kinda felt as if I just got lucky whenever I succeeded rather than achieve something, and I felt like I didn’t have any real power. I would have liked to have felt powerful, if only just once.

Another point would be your parents. I was actually really nasty with my parents, leaving home on bad terms and never writing to them, and yet this harshness does not affect what happens when you eventually find yourself home in the post-race chapters. Which disappointed me, I was expecting to get such an earful, or find that my unforgiving nature brought down tragedy onto my parents, but nothing had changed. My harsh personality did nothing to affect them at all. Also, for those of more forgiving personalities, I felt like you ought to have been able to send money home, and when you returned then you could see that your money helped a great deal; reviving the farm and perhaps helping to heal your father. I had wondered if all the troubles inflicted on the farm and on your parents was due to the protagonist’s presence, like some sort of curse, unleashed after your parents told you that you were adopted. Completely wrong there.

A final critique would be the store feature. It would have been better if I could browse the entire store and then decide what I wanted to buy, but this game did not allow them. Which irritated me. Especially considering that the stocks change every time you visit, so it only felt natural you would be able to see all of your options and then buy. And, when you reached the moment where you can choose either to visit the tavern with your friends or go to the shop, I feel like you ought to have been able to choose both; visit the shop first, then go to the tavern, or vice versa. Whichever works. Not that you really need the shop. I was able to play through the whole game and win the championship without needing the store. You probably only need the store to buy gifts for your friends. Though, if you don’t even need it for that, why even have a store in the first place? Might as well just send all the money home to your struggling parents.

So, overall, I just don’t feel satisfied. This book has it’s moments, though. The beginning, seeing through your childhood back in the good old days, those were very charming moments I just loved. I did like the characters, overall, and they did feel like their own individuals, even if their personalities weren’t exactly imaginative. Nyx was perhaps the most original character out of them all. I hated Saren, but then who didn’t? I couldn’t possibly imagine being friends with someone so detestable, even though perhaps you could try that. Good luck to anyone who did want him as a friend, he’s all yours. :wink: And Duncan hated me all though the book. I stand up for myself one time and he punishes me for it, and for the rest of my life. Well, the rest of his life, anyway. I didn’t shed a tear for him, as you might expect. I wonder if you can make him like you in different playthroughs. And, as for Allison, I know other people complained about her death, but it didn’t make much of a difference for me. What TheBum said, I agree with. Allison would have been dead weight, not useful at all in fighting hordes of raging psychopaths. So, yeah, I pretty much shrugged at that, the protagonist was more choked up about it than I ever could have been. Didn’t even try to save her with Shader’s magic. Heartless, I know. :wink:

Anyway, that will be all from me. And, geez, I’ve written so much. I know most of my points are negative, but I only wrote this post because I saw something in this story and I want it to be better, and these are just a few ideas as to how it could be better. I did enjoy the story, though. It just lacked in a few key areas that would have otherwise made this book one of the best. I wish the author luck in their future projects, of course. :slight_smile:



Wow this game was so epic the level of customization of your character and dragon was a very nice touch.

I loved reading about how each different color dragon was different in the game, and they each had such unique personalities. That being said I found myself only able to stomach the Red Dragon and his personality lol.

The Blue Dragon and the White Dragon were far too weak willed for my MC i can’t see how they would be able to compete in the dragon races since they’re so physical and violent most of the time lol but I guess they would be good for the dressage competition.

The Black Dragon clearly only seemed to care for himself. I felt like it was only a matter of time before he tried to kill me. Lazarus was way more chill by comparison.

The Gold Dragon was truly an impressive dragon, string, noble, wise and all. But at the same time he also seemed very condescending to the MC always trying to tell him want to do and what not.

The Red dragon really reflected my MC perfectly. I felt like the red dragon was more of a underdog and it felt like he had something to prove but he has the will and determination to prove to others how strong he really is. And although he could be harsh at times he truly cared about loved those around him. Of course you could only see it by being bonded to him how kind he really was.

I loved the characters and their back stories and how you really had to work at it to grow extremely. CLose with them.

Not to mention the level of replayability in this game. From having different dragons and friends, and different skills, and different competitions and everything.

The tragedies happening in Part Two were such a roller coaster for my MC after becoming Team Cup champs they basically get invaded by Nyx’s people!!!
Then having to watch Allison die, and not to mention your parents, and your home all the while being separated from your dragon for the majority of these events
. I personally felt like the MC was so helpless in these moments and I thought the compounded tragedies were going to break him. But I loved it at the end how we got the chance to swear vengeance on those who caused it. That seemed like such an awesome progression to how my MC is keeping himself together at the moment by putting all of his focus and thinking into getting revenge angaisnr his enemies just to keep him from shutting down from all the loss he has gone through.

I will say I am very interested in Spirit Magic I wish we had gotten the chance to learn some in this Installment since I saw several ways it could have been used. And since Shader seems like he might know some it would have been cool to have him teach us.


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