Dragon Racer (Discussion)


It’s not possible for a female MC to romance Allison?

Damn, pretty frustrating to see the greyed out options.


Already noticed that some people here tend to jump the gun when it comes to flagging others posts in situations where at least imo a simple warning should be enough.


The author herself indulged those who asked about Allison. But I digress, if people think it’s a spoiler, so be it, I’ll do my part. I just find it disappointing I had to find this out after I had woken up and that I had only reiterate the author’s own post.

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I think the flagging is just a way to hide spoilers in the first two hundred or so posts, most of them don’t use spoiler tags and have big story surprises out in the open.

In regards to the game itself, I have to echo @Evauna in his coding report (Though this is understandable for the game’s length, the fact that it is so relatively put together for such a massive game is impressive), and with @GenericGem in his general story criticisms. Part 2 felt like it came out of left field and was a complete tone shift, honestly if the adopted plotline and intro was dropped then all of Part 2 could have been cut without significant loss to the story. If there really was going to be a second game perhaps leave the story on a light note and then start the sequel off with you learning about how you were adopted, maybe during the break.

I also had one or two problems at other parts. Relationships (Well, friendships, I didn’t romance anyone) didn’t seem to progress very much in terms of stats despite us seemingly being quite friendly with certain people, which led to some…odd narrative points. For example I was generally nice to Allison and she said she would cheer for me when I became a Racer because I was nice to her and worked with her, but later during the portion you could go talk to people she acted like I was a huge asshole to her and like we weren’t friends. Cassius, despite treating me like a good friend during several scenes such as the team ‘tryout’ also treated me like garbage when I tried to help out with him.

I also am confused as to how the final race works. My team had come in first during both other events, leaving us with 100 Cup Points. We were the first or second into the maze and we were the second team to clear it, judging by the text. Later, nothing in the text seemed to suggest anyone was ahead of us at all, yet when the final announcement came we were in third place overall. Unless we somehow came in last or something in the final race (which didn’t seem to be the case), how did we not win? Or is the final race worth like 5x the previous races in points


You know you have a valid point there, even when i was playing the preview (and i still haven’t bought the game yet because i am a slow reader and like to take my time), i was super excited and intrigued by what the MC is going through. We had such a close knit bond and friendship with our dragon that it feels as if we can face anything the world would give us but then it felt really odd that later on in the preview, when we’ve grown up, our dragon is not as close to us anymore as when we were kids. It really felt as if we’re going separate ways and not have a lot of connection anymore. Which is such a disappointment, honestly.

I don’t know if it as something to do with our choice of colored dragons or not, but for me, my MC doesn’t seem to have any sort of emotional connection whatsoever with my dragon. It even looks like my dragon thinks i’m beneath him in some way and just sees me as someone who rides his back.

Edit: The continuity in the story in general just feels odd and i completely agree with @GenericGem

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Woah woahwoahwohawoah… that is a LOT of spoilers in your post, man…


@Cari-san is it your birthday? If so open the gift else ignore it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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Tbh I was really annoyed to find out half through the game(after I had more than one flirting line) that the RO was genderlocked… Expecially because I really don’t like my other option. If I hadn’t already played half the game I would have asked refund to steam… I don’t mean to sound rude or over dramatic, really, it’s just that this way the game is kinda ruined for me on the romantic side.


I’ve meant the forum in general not just this thread. Tho I think by now that about Allison is as much of a spoiler as if someone would say that there are dragons in this game…

Lol. While my birthday will be soon (the end of this month) the cake beside my name just means that it’s been exactly 3 years since I’ve joined this site. Still thanks.

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I was reading through the info on the romances and I just gotta say I’m a bit worried since Alli was a romance and she was doomed do die, who else in this little team is? like not knowing that is kinda making me hesitant to romance or become close to a character


I’d just concur with jw852 on that. On my second playthrough I played a male mc & was following the romance choices for Cassius until they just stopped being an option and I found myself standing on a cliff having to decide which of the other two to hold hands with even though they were both annoyed at me for letting Cass kill the wild dragon…awkward lol


I think some of your issues with the game speak more to a lack of you connecting with what the author wanted moreso than them failing to tie everything up properly. And while their inability to ensure you “get it” is their fault, I do have to disagree with some of your points.

Firstly, the story was never going to end with you winning the race as there had been a considerable amount of foreshadowing that had already been present. Deciding to end with the start of Book 2 rather than the end of Book 1 was very likely intentional pretty early in the development.

Detailed Spoilers: You have been warned


From the start of the game where your mom leaves you with the magical talisman, to your time on the farm killing the land and your adoptive father, to even the fact that you’re a magical dragon connected person despite your age and its inherent rarity all points to a bigger story and thats essentially just the prologue.

Then there are the subtle pieces of foreshadowing that aren’t so “in your face”.
Cassius is a noble with strong family ties.

Shader is likely also “dragonborn” like you considering the very similar origins

The ghoulish monster that appears at the camping trip

The fact that your locket was essentially an anti tracking locket that Nyx accidentally undoes and effectively brings all of this on you

Your and Nyx both having crazy fortunes that visibly mess up the fortune teller.

The guy you bump into that you have the option of lying to.

The fact that you NEVER get to utilize your dragon’s breathe in game prior to book 2

The fact that your dragon has inherent magical abilities that you don’t know about or simply surpass your level

The fact that you and your dragon have a bond so intricate that you can give them your life energy (something only you and your birth mom have been seen able to do)

I hope my point is made

None of these inclusions were needed to make you a dragon racer in this universe or get you the championship. They were intentionally included because this universe was never meant to be a 1 Book story.

As for your struggles being pointless, i think you’re missing the point. This story was built as effectively a bait n switch with a twist ending. Now, you may not like that, and you have a right to, but it was certainly planned and meant to cement the fact that everything you’d done WAS pointless in the face of what’s in store for Book2. They even say as much near the ending.

As for Nyx’s connection, it seems to be deeper than you realize. They clearly state that nothing from across the sea even exists. If they were to tell a king about a potential invasion from a place not known to exist, things would be much worse.

As for the dragon connection, I completely disagree. My dragon and i were as thick as thieves which i held more closely than any other character in game. How exactly did it not feel like you two were close? It might be specifically your dragon as well. Aspyred was a red dragon and a bit of an asshole but was my best friend through and though.

I do agree about the magic. It should have been mandatory. That or you should have had to include all classes in the story, though that would have been hell from the author’s view in terms of coding. Again, stats are meant to be low as your character is in “baby stage”. In upcoming books your character will likely be a monster as they get stronger. The fact that your low stats were enough to win a championship tells you how strong you are and how strong you’ll be as you progress.

Your parents are your parents and they love you. Even if you’re an angsty edgy pos, your parents will still love you, especially when it looks like you were just mugged. I do agree that i expected the money you sent to go to good use. The fact that they never write you a thank you is weak storytelling and has no payoff.

I also agree that the store didn’t need to be there. Completely useless addition.


This may be the case but over all it is a great story and to make it this long and with plenty of moments that make you grip your seat is still an achievement not to mention that as was stated by the author it is the first in the series and so when it comes to stats and RO’s they have done it well as they develop slowly over the start and will obviously develop deeper over the course of the series as is natural to a normal relationship, this has to be one of the best hosted games story to come out

Congratulations ToxicDreams and good luck with the series :clap::ok_hand:


@GenericGem I appreciate you taking the time out to write this! Thank you for the critique!

@selpuku stares at picture ooooooooooooooooo

If you can explain your idea to me more I might consider it. Because I feel you can go down the dark side to a point if you choose your motive to be revenge.

@Cari-san Happy Anniversary!!

@Sylfaen I would have to check but I do believe the last race is worth more.

@Simon_Tremelay I’m sorry your experience was ruined on my part. I know when I update it I will be greying out options again but again, sorry for that.


I’m interested in this because I felt the opposite. Of course we’re not running around playing games with our dragon but it’s because we both grew up. Him chasing me isn’t my idea of a good time when he’s like hundreds of pounds heavier than me in such. But when you said that the connection is lost, I mean we literally can speak to our dragon now. An ability that everyone says is hard because no normal rider ever gets that far into a bond with their dragon.

There were tons of moments that I thought the bond was there, the lakeside scene, the break in the Team Cups where you talk. And you can even play a prank on your dragon which I thought was hilarious. But perhaps you just wished for more moments. And this is only the first book, of course you can take that with a grain of salt if you wish, but I can easily see the second book exploring that bond more strictly because we will have to to become greater.

But I’m not trying to argue or anything, just interested in that you feel this way when I got a totally different vibe. But that’s the interesting thing about reading then, we take different things away. Also what color did you choose out of curiosity?


Seeing how you can win the cup with 140 and I got first (50) for the first ‘mc-determined’ race for the MC and second (40) for the ‘capture the flag’ race (second race), I determine you get 50 with the last race (we got first place).


Easily top 15. I’d say even top 10 due to scope and ambition. Considering ‘Hosted Games’ and ‘Choice of Games’ have come out with a lot of entries, that really says something.

HEAR, HEAR!! :beers:

*This is kind of the root of my question.

Again, potential spoilers included


Like i said before, to me it obviously seemed like the story was going big places even from the beginning. It was why I named my dragon “Aspyred” (Aspired) as an anagram for “Despayr” (Despair).

Considering there is a dialogue option when Vanora talks about how her Dragon was killed (what happened to the two that killed him?) as well as an option to free the captured Dragon and finally the option for the “kill them all” dialogue, i was wondering if there would ultimately be a route where you learned the secret language to control dragons and ruled the world, starting with you killing Nyx’s people entirely for what they did. I’d be ESPECIALLY cool with a romanced Nyx actually pushing you down this road considering she probably feels incredibly guilty plus loves dragons as much as, if not more than, you as well as hating her people and their customs.

Basically becoming Voldemort

The free fall challenge really emphasizes that bond. Kind of really cool visualization if you win it doing gnarly tricks lol

Sidenote: Does anyone know how to win the final race? Even on a perfect run through the maze, I only got second place. I’m not sure if that has to do with my choice of dealing with the bridge or my lack of a fancy saddle.

Edits = fixing coding glitches


Has anyone advice to win the flag race and the last race ?


Yes, please. I tried multiple times to win the first team race to no avail. All ‘fair’ choices seem to lead to the second place, and my goldy refuses to play durty or it leads to a third place. There’re no other options. My stats are fairly high.


Alright I’ve played this a few times and I’m curious how do I get the “best of the best achievements” “champion racer” and “freed for the bond that holds him down” and finally the true rival achievement