Dragon Racer (Discussion)



I’m interested in this because I felt the opposite. Of course we’re not running around playing games with our dragon but it’s because we both grew up. Him chasing me isn’t my idea of a good time when he’s like hundreds of pounds heavier than me in such. But when you said that the connection is lost, I mean we literally can speak to our dragon now. An ability that everyone says is hard because no normal rider ever gets that far into a bond with their dragon.

There were tons of moments that I thought the bond was there, the lakeside scene, the break in the Team Cups where you talk. And you can even play a prank on your dragon which I thought was hilarious. But perhaps you just wished for more moments. And this is only the first book, of course you can take that with a grain of salt if you wish, but I can easily see the second book exploring that bond more strictly because we will have to to become greater.

But I’m not trying to argue or anything, just interested in that you feel this way when I got a totally different vibe. But that’s the interesting thing about reading then, we take different things away. Also what color did you choose out of curiosity?


Seeing how you can win the cup with 140 and I got first (50) for the first ‘mc-determined’ race for the MC and second (40) for the ‘capture the flag’ race (second race), I determine you get 50 with the last race (we got first place),l.


Easily top 15. I’d say even top 10 due to scope and ambition. Considering ‘Hosted Games’ and ‘Choice of Games’ have come out with a lot of entries, that really says something.

HEAR, HEAR!! :beers:

*This is kind of the root of my question.

Again, potential spoilers included


Like i said before, to me it obviously seemed like the story was going big places even from the beginning. It was why I named my dragon “Aspyred” (Aspired) as an anagram for “Despayr” (Despair).

Considering there is a dialogue option when Vanora talks about how her Dragon was killed (what happened to the two that killed him?) as well as an option to free the captured Dragon and finally the option for the “kill them all” dialogue, i was wondering if there would ultimately be a route where you learned the secret language to control dragons and ruled the world, starting with you killing Nyx’s people entirely for what they did. I’d be ESPECIALLY cool with a romanced Nyx actually pushing you down this road considering she probably feels incredibly guilty plus loves dragons as much as, if not more than, you as well as hating her people and their customs.

Basically becoming Voldemort

The free fall challenge really emphasizes that bond. Kind of really cool visualization if you win it doing gnarly tricks lol

Sidenote: Does anyone know how to win the final race? Even on a perfect run through the maze, I only got second place. I’m not sure if that has to do with my choice of dealing with the bridge or my lack of a fancy saddle.

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Has anyone advice to win the flag race and the last race ?


Yes, please. I tried multiple times to win the first team race to no avail. All ‘fair’ choices seem to lead to the second place, and my goldy refuses to play durty or it leads to a third place. There’re no other options. My stats are fairly high.


Alright I’ve played this a few times and I’m curious how do I get the “best of the best achievements” “champion racer” and “freed for the bond that holds him down” and finally the true rival achievement


So Spoilers how do you complete the maze i am stuck


Right, right, left. Straight, straight, left.


@Royrin For the “freed from the bonds” you have to play as your dragon when given the option and then tell Hurim to leave Saren. For the “True Rival” I’m pretty sure you need to either have a low relationship with Saren or that might be where, when he tells you what’s wrong with him, you tell him to stay out of your way. I got it one playthrough but I was being a dick to him so I don’t know where.

The other two is literally just winning everything. Easiest competition to me anyway is the racing one and dressage.

@alessin @Lord_Gong Toxic is putting up guides over on her tumblr for the competitions. She just put up the maze one last I checked.


can anyone tell me what happens to vanora?, i know that duncan is killed off in the attack but it doesnt mention what happens to vanpora


I am terribly disappointed with this game I was so hyped for. First a disastrous game breaking bugs that makes role playing impossible. You choose A never mind … Game actually decided you have choosen absolutely all the contrary. Flavour text with absolutely no sense. Romance options that change of behaviour each five seconds. TRYING TO FLIRTING WITH A CHARACTER ALL ENTIRE GAME… last moment say no into women… the only romance choice I really wanted Saren hs no absolutely content and game ASSUMES i hate him even if not…

The last race has no sense as i gained all except maze when i came close second… I ended team as third.

I say i hate Allison and I am 90 evil however game tries imply i am devastated … So damn dissatisfied. It is a damn pity due Quality writing is there. Magnetic races are there and great dynamics without our dragon. But game is broken


The author will probably release some patch for some of the coding error… maybe?


Too late to me to care. 4 ATTempts to ended the game and due game inconsistencies I restarted. I finally just let game go ro see the ending even if hasn’t sense to my character. I felt like Inside a Fallout 76 broken mess. Sincerely If you have a game so broken WAIT AND POLISH


Ahem… don’t compare anything with the fallout 76. That was a disaster.
Spoiler was angry with me because I didn’t let spoiler fly my dragon. I don’t care if you become my enemy… I will not let anyone fly my dragon.


All OC dragons are males. It is explained later on that female dragons are rare.


That was pretty special, definitely one of my favourite games on here ever :smiley:


And I am sorry if I was a bit harsh or rude, I really respect your content and your choices because it’s the expression of your art. I was just really disappointed by the impossibility to have a romance with C, because he was the only male option that made sense for my character. And I know that allowing npc to have their own preferences gives a game a boost of reality, but sometimes we play these games to dream a different world, a different reality. Again I don’t want to impose my personal point of view, but knowing my character can’t have a relationship made me quite sad and I find it hard to go on playing because right now I am stucked with “take N or S hand” and I have not a good relationship with either…


@ToxicDreams so this may have already been asked but I kinda joined the discussion late and was wondering if allison is just straight up dead with no chance of return. If so my follow up question would be why is she there as a character. To elaborate whats her purpose if she’s just dead? Other than the obvious cliche of the love lost that is.


Is this game going to be part of a series? It feels like it was setup for that possibility but without an option to save your game state at the end i am unsure.


According to the author, it is part of a trilogy. I do agree if the author have time to setup the email save in the end especially if you already have a canon playthrough but they could set it up any time though.