Dragon Racer (Discussion)



Has anyone managed to get a color for their magic yet? It’s surprisingly difficult.


I managed to get gold with decent discipline stat and low deceit. To be precise, the code says ((Discipline >= 20) and (Deceit < 50)). Your magic stat has to be 50 or more, though


I see, I guess my Magic stat is the problem then. Thanks!


There’s another male LI (not Saren) being introduced in book two if that makes it any better, at all.

@Crax I got gold and blue one time.


This most probably was discussed before; however, I am struggling to find any info on it. How does one perform one’s best in the relay race?

Also I was wondering whether the ‘solo stat’ issue has been solved yet? When I choose to admire the others, when standing on the cliff, it shots my ‘solo stat’ up like crazy…

I am loving the book @ToxicDreams, it’s awesome!


Can anyone tell me on how to get the different colours of magic and what they are please, ive just gotten the gold colour but didnt know how i did that


Question, does the stuff in the shop, other then the presents, have an actual use?
Like do the gloves, for example, actually help with the grip in the races and stuff?


@nulCat They do, if you’re about to fall off or anything then they’ll save you. And in the second book some of the stuff like the equipment and clothing will come into play.

@wolf666 It’s all based on certain personality stats. To get the others you just have to change up your personality. In a way, envision the personality of the different dragons and go that way.

@DanteJaeger I haven’t been able to fix anything yet due to lack of released files.

@air1sam She is, though depending on your relationship with her it won’t be the last time she appears. And her status as a character hinged on a lot of stuff, personal and story related. I don’t want to get into it on here but if you want to know then just message me.

@Simon_Tremelay You weren’t rude at all, I understand where you’re coming from and I even had a similar conversation on Tumblr about this.

@resuri08 I’ve been told that I can’t do this, it’s something Hosted Games does. If anyone knows a way for me to implement a save feature then please tell me and when I get the files I’ll add it in.


how do you win capture the flag


How can i get perfect spirit and conjuring magic?


The “Finals” page doesn’t show anything even though I went to all the classes.

Also, in Dressage, it gives the incorrect answer with the movement Flyer. You are supposed to leap and then lightly glide and motion with your hand. If you choose it, it says it’s wrong. It happened twice already and it’s making it impossible to win any Dressage competition.


I can’t do it either, you need high stealth from the looks of it.

Unless there’s supposed to be a different option than staying together I guess. Do they work for anyone? I picked to split up and it seemed to be just ignored, we all agreed to stay together regardless.


Its a great start to a story nonetheless though I really wish that there were more interactions with the main character’s dragon. For being part of MC’s whole life, it feels like he’s under-developed, or maybe its because of my love of dragons…


I’m sorry if I’m not clear. One of the poster asked if you could implement a save state at the end of the game that save your major decisions to be carried over the next Book. If I remember correctly, you could implement this anytime, though I am unsure of the procedure to this.


Actually, cog and hg are the ones that add the save function at the end of the game if you have released a second book of a series… otherwise they won’t add the function due to avoid any unnecessary work and to save some space…


Soo, i’m in the part of the game where the mc has finals, and it says that I can check the finals tab for info…But there’s no “finals” tab anywhere. I went to all the classes, asked all the questions and my mc only reads and sleeps basically.


Did you check the stats tab? (Haven’t got that far yet, just a suggestion.)


If that’s the case, the author could request it anytime since Wayhaven and Fallen Hero have already endgame save implemented upon release.


It’s not it’s own tab, it’s added to the marauder life one. (I had it empty though, so idk what’s it for)


Hey uh idk if it’s a bug or something but… I’ve been looking through the code as I’ve been playing through and I’ve noticed that some text is missing? like

with the fortune teller if you romance no one and still ask her for a romance reading it skips straight to Nyx’s reading

also with Saren the code says

“You take a step forward and bring Saren in for a warm hug. He wraps his arms around you, allowing the tears to flow. You comfort him for a while, only letting him go when he’s calmed down. You place a caring hand on the side of his face before leaving him alone with Hurim.”

but in the game it says

"You take a step forward and bring Saren in for a warm hug. He doesn’t hug you back, but he doesn’t push you away either, tears again running down his eyes.

The two of you stand like that for a moment longer, until he asks for some time alone. "
(and yea my mc is male)

““Nope, not really a fan of dancing. What about you, Stable Buddy?””

but in game the line is completely missing