Dragon Racer (Discussion)



Is it necessary to do so? I like my jerkass, hot-headed dragon. Without spoilers, will you ‘fail’ for choosing to just let him be instead of forcing him to change? Or is it simply for the players personal taste?


It’s not there, either, I checked everything


It depends on the class you are taking (3 classes do not get info under the maurauder tab). I believe you get more information if you actually pay attention in class. That said, there was one class that I didn’t get info, even though in the story, it was said to check for hints in the tab.


It’s a bug that I have to fix.


Honestly, I dunno. I won’t go the “fully evil rider/evil dragon” route until my next playthrough. But honestly, I can’t imagine the author would intentionally set it up so that entire character types automatically fail just for being who they’re designed to be.
…So to kinda answer your question: it’s probably not necessary and is most likely just up to each player’s personal preference.


Oh, and i might’ve found another one?
again, i chose every romance/flirt option when it involved Saren (so unless i missed understood it and doing it wrong? my bad idk, ignore this lol) but apparently

when you choose
'#I think about my parents.
Saren should come and comfort you and you have the choice to push him away or let him but i didn’t get it
I have to play through it again and double check to make sure but i’ll do it tomorrow gonna head to bed for now. when i’m done i’ll do shaders route to see if i spot anything outta place


Doesn’t seem so. While there is a bit of foreshadowing that it will have a potentially larger impact in later games he’ll try to kill that little girl if you decide to put her on his back as per this Book 1, your dragon can be whatever alignment you want them to be.

*My dragon is also a pretty evil character that I actually allowed to become even more evil. Red Dragons are meant to be rulers and thats why he was on top.

Side note for anyone: When your dragon went up against Lazarus, what was the outcome? If you won/lost, what type of dragon did you have? I’m curious to see how your bond/type of dragon/your personality plays into whether they are more “sure of themselves” in a fight… or if that has anything to do with anything at all.


No you won’t fail and to be honest the more naturally aggressive dragon’s like the black and red make things alot easier. Trying to change any of them will cost you some of your bond with them which isn’t worth it.

Aggressive dragon’s like black and red ones will usually beat Lazarus and be the new leader, where as the others will submit.


Is this even if you were to turn them more good at the time? What about Gold Dragons? Generally in most lore they are the equivalent to a Black or Red Dragon.

Sidenote, I’m thinking of playing with a White Dragon and naming him Seto… because I am a weeb


The gold dragon wins the fight against Lazarus as well. He’s the opposite in behavior as black and red purely because of the justice part, but he is up there with them when it comes to strong will and such.


Got it. So its essentially a battle of wills more so than anything particular in terms of morality. Now I’m off to try making a good red dragon and seeing how much they hate me afterwards haha!


The story indeed needs a bit of tweaking in the coding parts, I often encounter parts that make no sense, especially regarding romance, I go from the beginnings of flirting with Shader to immediate ‘gf-bf’ talk with the others/braiding hair in his room, and sometimes I have had the romantic camping scene or sometimes I don’t even tho I chose the same answers as last time. Amazing story, but the coding needs redoing only then will the story in all of its glory come out the way it schould!


Ya’ll can smite me down but every time I see Saeran’s name I can’t help but imagine him as Sarean Choi/Unknown/Ray from Mystic Messenger. Sorry, that’s just how he looks now and I can’t change it.


If you try to change an evil dragon to good dragon or vice versa, then you will lose bond point with your dragon…

Btw… I have found a bug in my play through…
When it comes to practice my solo event ( puzzle and key ) saren refused to show up since we don’t like each other… but then after a page break…he is suddenly there training with me.



Why my name is the dog name?!
They say “Leon” all the time! I’ve to change my name! :joy:


Lmao! This was way too funny too me! I can’t help but picture both of your heads popping up now when your mom calls your name. You and the dog give each other a look like “here she goes again with her nagging about what we don’t do.”


I really enjoyed this game so far, but one question. Can you adjust the dragon’s personality, for example making the blue dragon tougher/less submissive or the red dragon less aggressive? Is there anyway you can make the white or blue dragon win against Lazarus or nah?

I just really like the idea of training the underdog to become a leader…


Yea, if you push the blue closer to the evil side then he’s more likely to actually do tougher things and what not, though there are specific parts of his personality that won’t change. Same goes for the red, or any dragon.

And not in this book, but in the second book there will be an opportunity for any dragon to end up becoming leader or something else. Both will have their share of consequences though. :wink:


The thing about non-red/black dragons submitting is false. My first playthrough was with a GOLD named Argos, and he bested Lazarus to become the new leader.


Uh… Chaser is a dragon. You can’t romance him.

(No wonder it didn’t make any sense to you; that makes no sense to me either! LOL) :wink: