Dragons and Romance


Hey all, I’m a newbie to the forum and after trying out all the ‘choice of’ games from the site, I got really interested in trying my hand at creating a game myself. The idea I’ve chosen for the game is quite strange (a mix of adventure and romance) and I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in the premise:

“The protagonist is a summer dragon who has lived for centuries, disillusioned by romance. On a fateful summer day, he comes across a human in the city and falls in love for what feels like the first time… despite the stigma in draconic society against humans.”

What do you guys think? Is it a solid enough premise? And another question I have is what type of powers would a dragon have beyond shapeshifting, flight, strength and firebreathing?


If the reason is good for the dargon to fall for her. Perhaps he watches her grow up or a great act of kindness. I would love to check it out.


Sounds interesting.


I think the dragon should have some sort of camouflage in order to watch his love more closely. At least, that would make sense to me… and maybe he can communicate telepathically? A talking dragon seems a bit out of place and childish.


I think it sounds like a good premise. The trials and taboos and cultural norms and romance… As for powers, what about controling elements (or perhaps that can fit into breath weapon as flavor; i.e. icebreath, firebreath, etc)? Maybe an ability to call on nature’s creatures (call swarms, make a rat snatch a key from an otherwise unreachable place, basic animal empathy/manipulation)? Random thoughts.

Will we be able to choose the sex of our dragon and/or the sex of the human lover?



Good point. In most movies I saw with dragons they usually talk with their minds or some dragon language.


Hm. Smells a little mary-Sue, but I like it, as long as you get to be a little crazy :wink:


Here’s an idea.
How about, you’re born either a dragon or human.
And you get to watch the other grow. You find a dragon’s egg around the area, or wherever you are, and then you bring it back. Your father decides to be like “Let’s keep it.” [Don’t know whether you should make the world count you as lucky to have a dragon, whatever, or evil.] But, basically you watch the dragon grow, and protect it. In the future, it’ll watch you grow, and protect over you?
I don’t know, I just thought of this. Tell me if it’s a good idea? xD

Edit: The difference is, it’s not romance, it’s a bond.


How about the dragon has a one time rebirth ability that he can choose to use to become an egg and become young again without losing his memory so he can be young for the one he loves and an ability to make his love have a life as long as his with a unique need to trigger it.


I would thing the dragon would have to give up something important to do so. The desire would have to be very strong. Perhaps an ability, or some of its memory, keeps just enough to know (he/she) is in love.


Kinda I was thinking more along the line that he would have to be willing to tell the one he loved and everyone else what he truly was and show his true form in the middle of the city or town where she lived and then depending on your stats something good will happen to to before the change or something bad.


Stalking the human or watching it grow up sounds kina creepy to me. I would only be okay with stalking if the dragon did not know how to court humans, so it treated him like prey at first. I would prefer the human to come to me. As for powers, it could be a dragon of luck or have healing powers. You could also make it have a special habitat like being a water dragon or living in a volcano or cave and relate that to how the dragon meets the human. Ex. The water dragon saves the human from drowning.