Another Dragon game


How would people feel about another game where you play as a dragon? Would you play it? Also, how would you feel about it being set in modern time? I want to know how other people would feel about it, as I don’t want to start something that no one would want to play.


Why not try an old timey kind of sea serpent
Never seen that before

But dragons are always cool


Aye Lets 'ave a Nessie!


I would play it and I would like to see how it is like becouse it is in the future


How about a draconian in the future? Not a dragon.


Draconian? A dragon who shape shifter in human ?


Wow. Thanks for the quick response everyone! :slight_smile:

I want to set it in Modern times because I had some great ideas for some early scenes:
“Yo! Me and my homeboys aren’t paying no respect to no dragon!”
And things like that when you just start off in the slums of the city.


Uh Idont think this game Will be good…


@Talon5505 Care to tell me why?


well i think a dragon and future dont go together neither deos modren age cause all the advanced weapons made these day… the dragon would die in a sec maybe u can make the dragon more high tech so like a robotic dragon


Or it’s scales are better(No one ever thinks of this one)


Or like I said you can bring splicing into the story… Since it is the future…


What is splicing?


Gene splicing? DNA splicing?

  1. To join together or insert (segments of DNA or RNA) so as to form new genetic combinations or alter a genetic structure.


Oh. So like a genetically edited dragon? Or perhaps, an experiment gone wrong and now dragons are wrecking havoc. Like both ideas.


A genetically edited human actually. Is what I was trying to hint at.


how about u use both so there are 2 types of dragons


Yes irule has a point! That could work in nicely, I picture something like the argoninans in Skyrim but more humanoid. Or perhaps a gangstah version of the D&D dragonborns.