Another Dragon game

italion if u need any help making the game i am ready though i can only work on 3 games at a time and if i help u then this will be my 3rd but yeah i can help with coding or writing

and maybe even arts

Well due to current technology a nuke could kill the Dragon. Any military grade rocket. Chloroform. Pesticides. Enough bullets. A few good shots at the eye. Some liquid nitrogen. Minefields.Lasers (Yes they are real).

What idiot is going to shot a nuke to hit a city that is within your own boaders that is not filled with zombies!?!?!?!

some will… who are stupid enough

A dragon in a city would sooner or later kill the city anyway and then start reproducing. It isn’t a stupid idea, a stupid idea would sending in troop instead when you know they will just die.

nuke is too much but like a modren high tech nuke resiestable dragon will survive

I doubt you can bio engineer a Dragon to begin with, yet alone one resistant to nukes.

I want to steal princes again

Y’know guys there is the concept of FANTASY…

Well we could add in a bit of coachroach dna

Where would you get Dragon DNA anyway?

Well lets go to what headhunter said this is fantasy…
(That would be a bit of dino dna plus a lot of stuff but I dont think it would work well)

Komodo dragon, abit of giant bat, shark… And so on.

Watch “Reign of Fire” dragons in modern day.

For the record nuking a reptile causes Godzilla so nuking a dragon would be a bad idea lol

Yea once the it’s just fantasy card as plate I lost hope for this

Ok let me remove this is fantasy card becouse lets say this could happen

ok just stop who cares every1 has thier own opinions so just let it go

The debate should go on. I am getting some ideas from this that could be used to make the game better.

ok srry i thought u would not like it… cause we r kinda hogging ur conversation