Flammy's Dragon Game Idea


Hello, [InsertYourNameHere]!
Anyway, I have an idea for a game I would LOVE to see made, but sadly I don’t have the skills to make it. And if I did, I still wouldn’t have time. So i’m going to post this with the idea, so perhaps somebody that does have the skills and time can.

The idea is Dragon Life Simulator, where you play as a newborn to elder dragon. In the ‘Show Stats’ menu, there would be age, size, weight, hunger, thirst.

Now again, I haven’t the skills or time to make this, so I ask that somebody who read this can.




@Flammy I doubt that anybody would be able to make it, since pretty much everybody who has the time or skill to make a game are already making one.


I agree with @Fantom


Not sure if its a smart thing to let someone else myke your game becuae only you know your game the best


Flammy, it’s time to learn the skills to make the game yourself. :slight_smile: It is something you can do. You can squeeze in the time to do it. There’s lots of forum members who’d be willing to help you learn.

I’d suggest against doing the pure sim but focusing on story, the way that Choice of the Dragon did.