Is anybody interested in making a game about dragon riders?


So I will try this, thus anyone interested in making a dragon rider game?


It might help if you let us kmow more. Do you have an outline? How do you see the story? How might the game unfold?


You are a poor farmer boy who when goes hunting for meat finds an egg colour is optional and then you take it home and several hours later it hatches and you become a dragon rider starting an epic quest to stop evil from conquering the one island continent thats is still considered freedom.


So you are trying to make a complete and blatant Eragon ripoff. You will be lucky if Christopher Paolini doesn’t sue you. Not trying to be rude or insulting, I don’t even know if you have heard of the book, but as a word of advice, don’t do it.


I truly apologize if I come through rude.


I think there is room for another dragon game. Just need to make sure it is original. I have heard it said many times. There is nothing original left, it will always be compared to another story. So make it strong and different. :slight_smile:


That does sound astoundingly like Eragon…it’s true that every general PLOT has been used, but that doesn’t mean that every STORY has been used.


Although maybe if the setting was post apocalyptic or something like that. Many people are scared of doing original ideas so I hope you think of something. Best of luck.


I have read eragon thousands of times and well I wanted to make it original and different so thats why its a choice game so you can choose what you start as so you could be adopted son of blacksmith or sumic use imagination and then you find out your parents are like gods or really powerful people or sumic different Idk just saying stuff


I read this article and I gotta say this author/writer has a valid point.

That gamebook Trial of the Demon hunter. The name “Bogart” is actually copyrighted already at a south east asia nation as a comedy name. I think the author is not even aware that she/he can be sued if the owner copyrighter finds out because it’s copyrighted for almost 10 years now. Also it’s going to be a two case battle. One is for the author as a copyright violation and the next is for the company for copyright infringement.

Still I think the author/writer knows how or is well informed to get you out of it. I also think punishment is worse on the states and uk because they like charge over “Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000. (”

I’m trying to discourage you just making a point since as someone familiar with laws. Make it different, even if it sounds the same. The probability of your story being a carbon copy is one to ten only if it’s you know made intentional.


I’m the author of TotDH. Maybe you should have read more closely, because there isn’t a single instance where “Bogart” is used as a name. It’s “boggart” that is used as a SPECIES. I guess J.K. Rowling is gonna get sued for copyright, then, because she had a boggart species, too.

Thanks for accusing me of infringement, though.



Dude you also don’t read.

“I think the author is not even aware”

So did I accuse you? Lols Sorry if your pride got shot then, but i was defending that you were not even aware of it.

If is stated my sentence as.

“The author used it.”

That seems more of an accuse than me defending that you were not aware lols.

Also a little thing to know is that copyright has different forms depending on your country. Sheess. Try to defend a someone and they stab you right back lols.


I’m an author but I don’t read? Makes perfect sense…

And not being aware doesn’t make it not infringement, so you’re still incorrect. And you “defended” me for something that was completely out of your imagination. Sorry if I’m not grateful for you defending me on something I didn’t even do. I literally didn’t even come close to infringing any copyright.



Gezz dude take a chill pill, but sure I’ll stay away from you from now on.


As long as you don’t accuse me of any more unfounded crimes I haven’t committed, I’m good.


I could watch you two all day seriously but I hadnt any intent on copywriting but speaking of it that website tumblr or whats it called had a guy who wrote more of eragon and saphira and well I guess thats consider copyright in a way


That would just be fan fiction.


Aye it is I think now you mention it


Gland to amused you then or something else then.