Chronicles of Mornland plot summary?

I’m thinking of reviving a WIP I started years ago involving dragonriders. I think Chronicles of Mornland also has some sort of dragonrider plot, but I can’t find anything about Mornland here on the forum, except that it may have some sort of multi-player aspect.

I don’t want to violate the forum rules and ask the status of Mornland (last posts are from a year ago) but I also don’t want to delve deeply into a plot idea if something similar is going to be released. Is there a teaser/plot summary anywhere for Mornland, or if the author is here, anything you would like share? I would love to play a game where we get to be dragonriders!

You can make your own story with dragon riders.
Generally speaking, just because someone else has a similar idea doesn’t mean you can’t do your own version of it.

For example, just because there were wizards in Harry Potter doesn’t mean no one else can ever write a story with wizards in it.

So, just write what you want.


True enough.

However, even if I like wizards and want to write about them, I don’t want to write a book with a boy wizard who goes off to a magical wizard school and then defeats the evil wizard who killed his parents. Both out of respect for the original author, and because I want to write something original, not a copycat (or possibly copyright-infringing) story.

If you are considering writing for publication, it is always good to look around and see what other books/games are out there in the same category as yours with similar content, so you can evaluate if your ideas overlap with theirs. And if the market seems to be oversaturated with wizard schools or teen vampires, then you might want to pursue a different idea, or change yours up to make it unique.


The only dragon rider game I remember is Dragon Racer: