The Chronicles of Mornland

Hi everyone,
So I just learned about this new “multiplayer” novel from Choice of Games. Do we know anything about this game, other than the fact that it’s the first Choice of Game to be multiplayer, let alone the first text narrative game to be multiplayer that I’m aware of?
I’m just curious how multiplayer will work? I’m sure it’ll be a race against the clock against player X who dominates the realm and once they win, whatever the objective “dominating the realm” means per say, we do it all over again, playing through the same story.
Basically, is there some teasers about this game and the mechanics of multiplayer?

It’s not the only text based multiplayer game out there, there are MMORPGs online that are all text based. The few I’ve tried aren’t very good though.

The only one that comes close to a narrative feel in text form is Sryth. So that’s what I was referring to, story-driven.