COMING THURSDAY: "Choice of the Viking"—New author interview, Trailer, and DEMO



Author Interview:


This is a game that should appeal to a lot of different players. It’s excellent historical fiction - Dr. Taggart’s scholarship shines through brilliantly - but also a delightful fantasy populated with gods and monsters. There’s sailing and battles and politics and resource management. There are tender moments, and funny ones, and gruesome ones. It’s a story of a people coming into its own materially, spiritually, and culturally. And the style throughout feels larger than life, like the old sagas themselves: a little bit history, a little bit folklore, a little bit poetry.

I definitely recommend turning on the Old Norse spellings. Maybe don’t do it in your first playthrough unless you already know your eths from your thorns, but it definitely cranks up the immersion factor.



How much min/max will this entail? Is the resource management enjoyable for players who doesn’t enjoy it much?

Many thanks!

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So I hadn’t heard about this game before today, but I read this in the description:

  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, bi, or aromantic

Yet I didn’t see any mention of romance in the description.
Are there any romances in this game? and if so, how many, and how important are they to the overall story/plot?

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Basically, your character is the leader of a group of settlers taking over an abandoned farm in Iceland. You have to make decisions about how many people can live there and what you want to focus your efforts on (e.g., farming, raiding, trading in information, building a notable shrine to the gods). Balance is important, and you don’t spend a lot of time micromanaging. The resource-management aspect of things is very naturally worked into the story. You don’t have to spend a lot of time fussing over your stats.


There are three romance options: one woman, who is part of the story from the beginning; one man, who comes along a few chapters in, and one nonbinary person, who is introduced about halfway through. There are some sweet moments to be had with each of them, but romance isn’t really a focus in this game.


This sounds so interesting! I really enjoyed the interview, I love hearing about how people’s scholarship interweaves with their creative projects. I’m excited that this game has such a solid foundation of knowledge and passion to it!


Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh its finally being released i missed this badly

Also congrats to the author

Thanks! I probably give this a try and see if I could manage. I’m really bad at resource management but I’ve been wanting to read about Vikings for a while now. :smile:

Haha the games not just resource managment

I’m glad we get a choice between pagan and Christian. Thanks for including Christianity which is historically correct anyway because some Vikings did turn Christian.

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Ahhh another complete banger. I played the demo and this one seemed really promising. Can’t wait to play the whole thing!

I appreciated that too. I liked that Christianity and the Old Norse religion were both treated with respect by the narrative, and neither side had a monopoly on tolerance and virtue. It just came across as people with legitimate economic, social, and spiritual concerns, confronted with new ideas and trying to figure out what works and what’s true.


Why would you play as a milkdrinker? :sweat_smile:

Excited for this one, I’m a huge Viking Age nerd and have spent countless hours studying the whole era. I actually thought of applying for beta testing but I wasn’t sure I could commit the time to it lol.


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Im confused. It says three chapters at the demo beginning and at the demo end it says one chapter was free to read

I’m a bit worried that might have to be taken back later in game considering they mention you can meet Thor in the steam page XD
Who knows tho maybe Jesus gonna be best buds with the other pantheons or something. Or my personal bet we only meet them during a vision trial

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I’ve already played the entire game several times.

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Ah awesome then