Dragon showing interest check


I’m working on a very WIP game right now. It doesn’t even have a title yet. But it’s about dragons, and I was thinking about dragons, as you do. So, would anyone be interested in a game about dragon showing? (Like dog showing, the Westminster dog show, etc)

I’ll be collecting many of my ideas here. If you have an idea or an edit to one of my ideas, please post.

Game Ideas For Authors

What do you mean by dragon showing is it like dog show, …


Yeah, it would be. Like the Westminster dog show.


Whilst the idea is both an interesting and unique one, I think a bit more expansion and detail is needed before people would be able to decide if it was their thing. I, for one, adore dragons and mythical beings so my interest is already caught, I just have a few questions.

  1. I assume it’s competition based (if not, please do correct me), so what categories would the dragons be judged on? Purely how they look? Skills in the air / Flying competition? Obedience? And etcetera, etcetera.

  2. Would there be a larger external conflict, say, for example, someone’s sabotaging the show by tampering with the dragons and equipment to which you might have to investigate, or is it purely centred on winning?

  3. Would there be potential for romance or relationships?

  4. Is it focused on one show alone, or is there potential to travel to different shows, perhaps getting into higher leagues once you win a few low-level shows.

I’m aware it’s a WIP so I understand if some of those questions are unanswerable for you right now, but I believe it has the potential to turn into quite a unique game if expanded on a little more!

  1. Yes, it would be competition based. I’m not sure what the categories would be yet.
  2. I want to include some external conflict stuff, so no, it wouldn’t just be focused on winning.
  3. Yes, and possibly also for your dragon.
  4. I would like to have multiple shows.

  • If you mention basing it off of dog showing, then you should look up the categories for these shows in order to get a sense of what you can and can’t adapt with dragons. That doesn’t mean you can’t add your own twists to it, however.

  • You should probably flesh out the external conflict more before I can comment on it.

  • I misread that as being the MC can romance their pet dragon. :sweat_smile: This is probably the first I’ve heard of a companion of ours finding romance outside of the MC though. Unique.

Overall I’ll want to wait and see what you have planned out for us, but it is a pretty creative idea.


A couple ideas I had.
A fellow competitor that’s your rival. Your dragons (maybe) likes their dragon, so it’s a kind of Romeo/Juliet scenario.

I also have a couple of the show categories. Agility (land air and water), fire stuff (this one kind of comes from Pokemon showing), obedience (almost the same stuff as dogs) appearance, kinesis ability More to come.

So I’ve figured out a way to get NPC’s into it, besides your rival. For one of the finals, you must work in a team of 3 other people, 4 including yourself. You and the other handlers work out a routine for your dragons to do. This shows your dragons agility, obedience, and some other things. The dragon team that wins advances up to the next level in the showing world.

The dragons will have show names and regular names, like show dogs.

The other three dragons in the team:

Your rival’s team’s dragons:

*pictures courtesy of flight rising


I’ll be writing up some dragon breeds and breed standards later.


Interested. REALLY INTERESTED!!! No doubt about it. You should add stats for the MC’s dragon like appeal or an obedience level or, I don’t know, something pertaining to athletic ability.


Sorry, didn’t notice obedience on the previous post.


Here’s another angle…

What if the main character was actually a fully grown dragon?
The “dragon show” would be like a cross between a baby pageant and a dog show, but it’s big dragons showing off their baby dragons against other parents.


love the ideas so far, but one small question is this; will the entire story be based around dragon showing (as in you never do anything outside the showing arena) or will you reveal a little bit of the Mc’s background outside the competition?


I’m not quite sure yet.


On another note, does anyone know if you can work on more than one game at a time in choice script?

One more question, what would everyone think of a chapter where you play your dragon and find them a mate?


Just copy and paste the entire file you downloaded to write the first one or redownload another file, rename the files so you can tell them apart. Then they will be two totally different games.

Edit: is that the question you were asking or did I not understand your question correctly?


No, you answered my question. Thanks!


I don’t know…it feels adding in another POV break up the flow of the story. And Choice of the Dragon already contains a dragon dating simulator, although it was fairly minimal.

Maybe if you went into more depth about the emotions that dragons feel when going mate-hunting, it’d be interesting and rather cute. Not sure how I feel about mixing it with the human’s PoV, though. Perhaps you’d consider retaining the human POV in a chapter where you help your dragon find a mate. (Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a maaaaatch…)

Also, I’m hoping that the dragon images you showed earlier aren’t necessarily going to be in the final version. Making the rival’s dragon a dark, snaky thing makes it seem a little too Obviously Evil. (And I actually thought it was pretty cool.)


The rivals dragon was originally going to be a possible mate, so I’ll change it back to that for now.


Alright, I am officially beginning writing it.


Good luck! Excited to see how the demo turns out.