Dragon showing interest check


I’m thinking of adding in the option to seduce one of the judges so you have a better chance of winning.


Oh my goodness yes. I’m always down for more dragons.


Our rivals dragons are better looking then ours don’t you think …:thinking:


I certainly don’t think so. But I like all of them, so…


Oh ok it was justmy opinion anyways ,all are good looking of course , , anyways are you planing to include stats like agression ,cute and such things … Like in runt of the litter …


I am planning to do dragon personality stuff and also stuff that pertains to the events in the shows, like agility, etc.


I actually have to agree with that, Sarath. Some of our dragons are more brightly colored and generally less imposing than the rival team’s dragons. For example, the second dragon in our lineup is a crazy blend of pink,purple and blue–sort of ‘pretty,’ but not quite dignified enough to be beautiful. The big, baby-blue eyes and smiling expression don’t help.

By contrast, the rival’s personal dragon is covered in dull shades of purple and green, it has a predatory grin, and his (her?) body is covered in spikes and fins. The next dragon in the rival lineup is this metal-colored, sneering, spike-covered beast.


I changed a few things. What do you think now?


Hey, thanks for the response! :slight_smile: I really like the new third dragon.

The new second one is a bit obviously a palette swap of a rival team’s dragon, although it’s certainly an improvement on the original second dragon. Perhaps you could replace it with the old third dragon (the one with the butterfly-like wings), which had a certain grace to it.

I hate to seem like I’m carping, but it might also help if you changed the colors of the first dragon’s wings and head-crest. I don’t think that navy blue and pink go together well.


I unfortunately don’t have the old third dragon anymore, and I can’t change individual body part colors. I can (for some reason) change the wing colors, so I’ll go for a purple, or maybe a green. And don’t worry, you don’t seem like you’re carping.