Best WIPs - 2015

In no particular order at all. :sunglasses: Favorite WIPS and hoping that someday It will be official games! :scream:

Blood For Poppies - Do I really need to say why? Cuz this is a good game period.

Blood Moon Prophecy - Very creepy game and it is intriguing.

Death Reapers Contract - Most fun game I have played and I get to be a death god! Oh yeah!

Drágóneer - It has dragons and no sparkling vampires. So yeah I dig this besides I get to have a dragon as a pet mwahahaha.

Ghost in the library - I enjoyed this game even if it has a slow progress. Hey I feel like a member of the new age ghost busters.

Guenevere - What not to like about that game it awesome even if I have to be a girl.

Lunchtime at St. Expeditus - light hearted game and it is so sweet that I can’t help but like it.

Mate Bait Investigations - I think this game is going to be dramarama but I love the crazy sister and her girlfriend.

Monsters - Cuz I like the dark psychological vibe of the game.

Team Zero - Cuz I can become a hero trope.

When In Rome - As they say when in rome do what the romans do and you’ll have fun.