Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

Oh! That’s splendid news! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I had no idea you were still active, actually. :blush: Best of luck, then.

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I loved that game too but the author said they weren’t continuing it :frowning:

Oh man, this sounds really awesome :frowning:

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There was one I read awhile ago that was really cool…let me know if you recognize it. It starts off where you and your friend (RO type) are breaking into a creepy house. You see some cool mirror and it sucks you into a world where you dont remember your old life. Your “mom” is a baker/witch, and your (previous) RO/friend becomes your cat? You make deliveries around town for your evil Mom, and I believe it is implied that she is actually poisoning townsfolk with her goodies. Other RO’s are the mysterious new neighbor who seems to know about your Mom, and the town’s librarian. Anyway, if anyone knows the title, hook me up! I would love to see this one finished! fingers crossed


I think the story you are talking about is A Witch’s Curse.


YESSSS! THANK YOU!!! Time to revisit it :slight_smile:

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Good news on A Witches Curse, though! Iirc from the author’s tumblr, it’s not dead, but it is undergoing a rewrite


Monsters of New Haven, Curse of the Spirit and Freakhouse: A Touch Of Lilium :pleading_face:

Uh, and Children of the Gods, but seems like the game is being re-written !


@rosemary_and_sage is the author of A Witch’s Curse, and she’s definitely still around!


There was a WIP a long time ago where the MC was in some sort of relationship with with a powerful wizard? I think thw wizard cursed MC so they couldn’t wear any clothing (or something?). All I remember is the MC gathering a group of adventurers together to go somewhere and lift the curse. I think at some point the MC was turned really small and the others carried them around in a lantern or something. Bandits came and thought MC was a fairy.

Anyway, I liked how funny and unique that WIP was. I haven’t heard anything about it for a long time.


Wish I can play full version of these (dead) games before I die :slightly_smiling_face:

Team Zero (Please come back Dolphinzgirl :sob:)
From Ashes We Rise by Wraith :cry:
Second Chances by Wraith
Tall tale of Draigs by honeymichie
Empty Shell by Cecilia_Rosewood
(Don’t) Wake Me Up by Isabella_Welch
The Clueless Teen’s Guide to Living with the Supernatural by CS_Closet
Monsters of New Haven High by Sashira
Carebanet Girls by Grapefruit

And some favorite ongoing games:
Guenevere by jeantown
Choice of Rebels
Model Citizens: Unmasked by RenaB
Children of the Gods by Rohie
The Wayhaven Chronicles by Seraphinite
Fallen Hero series by malinryden


Anyone else remember Seven Winds? Where you got to play a jinn, very cool consept! Definitely one of my top five games and it seemed like it was almost finished too.


Nope: never said that. I just have to scratch away at it in rare bits of free time in my schedule.

That’s the infamous naked game by @dashingdon himself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Umm…the author of XoR is our own @Havenstone, not ReTowers.


Not completely sure what the current status of this game is, but Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster. Seriously, that game was hands-down one of the best WIP I’ve read, even when compared to legit finished works, and it’s a pity there’s been no serious updates, from what I can see, in an awful long time. Really hopeful it isn’t dead, but I just don’t see it ever getting released.


I’ve probably forgotten some, and may accidentally add ones that have had work resumed (on account for not being here in a while) but I’d always liked:

Monsters (The uh… quirky little story about a trip to a cabin in the woods or something) Probably one of my favourite games at all, even in its unfinished state, since the characters are so real.

Guinevere (sp) was also cool, surprisingly didnt care at all I had to play as a female PC (although it helps there are well fleshed out non-small RO’s), and the system of magic and such is pretty cool too, and the many paths there could be

Monsters of New Haven High: Haven’t even thought about this in a while, but I remember it being very cool. I think you could also adopt a dragon or something? And deal with bullies but in character relevent ways (e.g the weak races physically standing up for themselves, violent races taking a peaceful route) which makes it feel truly responsive

On a more recent note, the RPG one. Can’t even remember the half of it bar the fact there was a cool “witch” and was made by Lucid, who is perfect as always


I’m not talking about your game. I’m talking about Empty Shell

Add Children of the Gods & Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! for those in hiatus and Keys & Aetherian Spell Academy for the Unknown.


Guenevere is still in progress! His blog is here!

It’s one of my favorites too.


Of Gods and Mortals by @MissBrainProblems :frowning: