Second Chances - [WIP]


Hello and Welcome to ‘Second Chances’, my game which I made for the CS-Comp 2016!

‘Second Chances’ is set in a fictional future similar to our world with quite a few questionable traits like Bounty Hunting as the official equal to soccer. People make bets, see the broadcast everywhere, and cheer when their favorite Hunter manages to kill their prey. Questionable morals and weird sense of fashion is just one of the many things you will find.

Set out in the county of Andromeda, you and your companions need to find out who has set a bounty on your head while dealing with memory loss that may or may not be temporary. Find out who is responsible for everything and get them to stop their cruel way to get you out of the way or make sure of that yourself. Who can you trust, and who is going to stay loyal until the end? Can you save your own future and those of your companions or will your group perish beneath the Hunters?

I always love to hear your thoughts on the game, as well as feedback and suggestions. Requests are welcome as well and I hope you will enjoy the game!

Link: Second Chances

Created in the month of May for the 4th Annual CS-Comp, ‘Second Chances’ is my second official game that I hope to complete one day. I thank my Beta Testers and especially @nightflame for their great help, as well as @Lordirish for making this competition possible. Of course, a special thanks goes to the judges for their patience with the story so far. :wink:

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Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

For our lovely judges from the competition: @Guhik, @Pace675, @Poison_mara, (I already know Rose’s answer… :wink: )

How many of you ‘accidentally’ killed Tony and replayed later just to save him? :stuck_out_tongue: And who killed Alice or saw our Bodyguard (who is mostly referred as Xerxes by me) go on a rampage?


To be fair…there were no accidents…had to be thorough yah know. But on any normal play-throughs, Tony would always live…What can I say I am a softy…As for Alice she my mc;s bea, who would kill such a lovely like her…oh…completionist…


I still gotta to attack the ninja girl every time. All my MC will always do tha. Anyways, good luck with yor second WiP.


I’m playing through the game, now, and it’s really interesting! I really like it! :smile:

Is it wrong that I named the mysterious guy Blackbird? :sweat_smile:


I didn’t want him so go riddance tony I even cheered. I wanted killed him beforehand lol. Good game yours my friend. I missed the Mara evilness and charming. This is a puppet really dull. But has sense in the storytelling She doesn’t remember anything I hope with time Mara attitude would return. Also the forced boyfriend meh I didn’t like that. Well for now i think is all. Yours was easy to judge no moral stuff or plot problems


Sounds really fun! I’ll have to check it out sometime soon.


I played the game and what can I say, I loved it! I really enjoyed the plot and I really loved the slow burn development between the mc and the characters.
I found falling in love with Xerxes (that’s how at least ow I always call him); I’m really intrigued to found how he became our bodyguard and his past with mc’s family.
Also I have a spot for redhead and cocky characters so yeah Tony is love too. :blush:
Apart from the forced boyfriend and the mc’s current at this moment kind of lack of character and choices (which seem pleasantly to increase as the demo move), this game is something I would to see more of it (and more cute moments with Xerxes :smirk:)
EDIT: Ziggy was so cute! It kind of reminded of bb 8 with all this preciousness and cutely sounds it/he made. :blush:


Great demo, for sure is going to become one of my top favorites


I love the game and I cannot wait for the next update!


I liked Tony and he will be missed but I have to say that his death adds a special flavour to the story and gives more depth to the relationship with the other characters, especially Alice, since he seemed the most sensible of the lot.

I named my bodyguard Masky, which made me picture Jason on the rampage. A Jason who actually runs :scream:


I haven’t read all of it, but I have to say it seems very interesting! I feel like the bodyguard is going to die (despite his immortality) at some point, and I’m going to be left a sobbing mess.

Also, is Liam really our boyfriend? Because I get the feeling he’s a mole, a big fat mole. I mean it really could be true, and if it is it kind of bothers me that we get railroaded into a relationship with someone. :disappointed:


I absolutely adore it so far, the storyline is intriguing and the characters are very lovable. However, I do have a little bit of an issue with the automatic, heterosexual romance. It would’ve been fun to make Lian a character whose gender you could choose according to your characters sexuality, such as a boyfriend, girlfriend or just a childhood friend.
Anyways, I really liked the demo so far!


Its also good too see this continuing as well


Aw, man, I totally enjoyed this–I especially adored the MC’s bodyguard, the interactions with him were so cute :heart_eyes:
The only problem I had was, I went through the whole thing with my sweet lil gay MC, and then boom! Surprise girlfriend! :disappointed_relieved: It was very much a “yikes” moment, and my MC ended up avoiding interacting with her, lmao. Other than that, I really liked this~! :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed playing this demo and can’t wait until the next update!


I really love it so far! The characters are all very interesting and I’m curious to get to know all of them more and interact with the unique people you’ve created. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!


Keep up the good work, Minnow!


Thank you all so much everyone!
I am very glad and happy you guys like it so much. Going over most of what people told me, I will add a bit more to the game and edit certain parts, mostly regarding Lian/Liam and how he/she is going to be introduced. I think that will give people more of a reason to not dislike them on the very first glance.


The storyline instantly hooked me and your words flow very smoothly, so it was a pleasant playthrough! :heart_eyes: The choice of the MC’s sexual preference might be a good thing to add, but I absolutely loved this and I can’t wait to see more of our mysterious, but adorable Guardian! :grin: