WANTED: A female writer to help with the female path on "Unnatural"

Hi my name is Matt and I’m the writer of the horror game “Unnatural”.

The game lets players choose their gender, but I don’t want a simple gender-swap. My intentions are to offer slight changes to both male/female playthroughs to reward players for choosing to play the opposite gender.

So I’m looking for a female write to help revise the female path so it offers a different slant to improve replayability.

There will not be punishments for choosing to be a specific gender, but I want each gender to have their ‘own’ personalised playthrough.

Examples in the current game:

A doorman outside a party will stop a male character who can get in after an altercation, but a female character is let straight through.

Being trained by the trainer, he tries to get a sneaky look at female characters.

Female characters being able to tell a character they too used to be a cheerleader.

If you are interested or have any questions please reply to this topic.

You won’t have to write a brand new story just read through the current playthough and help me add in female-orientated versions of scenes.

[Please note I can’t afford to pay but you would get full credit for your effort.]

Thank you for reading.

I’m game if you’ll have me. :slight_smile:

Well i am a woman, and i love give you sugestions, and i always play like a female. But i m not a english native so hardly can write well in english. But i could fedback if you want


I’d be honored :slight_smile:


by all means if you see scenes where you think I’d have done different suggest away :slight_smile:


@Farside has kindly accepted the task. So a moderator can close this.

@MaraJade feel free to PM any feedback or comment in the unnatural forum.


Moderator please?

Give them a chance =p

You don’t need a moderator to close things, just stop posting. That’s usually good enough :wink: