Nonbinary readers needed!

Hi All.

I’ve spent time adding in a nonbinary MC to UnNatural during the edits. But so far although I’ve asked in the games topic for nonbinary readers willing to test the path I only seem to be getting offers from people who are binary.

I wondered if it’d be easier for people to find if I put the request in a topic of its own.

So if you’re a fan of UnNatural and are nonbinary not to mention are willing to test the nonbinary path please let me know. So far only @Fiogan has tested it and more opinions are needed to make sure nothing is out of place for a nonbinary MC.


Genderqueer here if you are interested, though not a beta tester. My sexual preferences are just sex with male but serious relationships with female and my sex is male.

EDIT: Also my sexual preferences vary. (Was that too much info :upside_down_face: )

I can help with testing the NB path. I consider myself bigender.

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I’ll send you both a link later. Away from my laptop atm

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I’m really curious and excited here, does this mean that the game experience will be vastly different for an NB MC? I’m asking because in some games it’s just an exchange of pronouns and I remember, even though it has been a bit since I last played it, that in UnNatural the RO’s have different sexualities so I’m wondering how you handled that. I would love to test the NB path.

Edit: Just remembered that Craig/Sarah also changes depending on the MC. Would this also apply for an NB MC?

How is that inappropriate can someone tell me in the forum rules why my response was flagged please

I would guess it’s because your comment was not very sensitive towards non-binary people?

Also, questioning the author’s request, and implying it is unnecessary, isn’t very respectful, and not what the topic is for.

@Nocturnal_Stillness I would like to test it (I have been considering for a while whether to apply), but I can’t promise that I will be the most helpful, as I have never been a tester before.


Seconding what @The_Lady_Luck said. Also, you comment on a thread that has nothing to do with you or your game experience and make it sound like, given your “I love your books but…” phrasing, that the game would be somehow bad if the author put an NB path in.

As for the forum rules: “Choice of Games strives to create and promote inclusive games, in which anyone can play and find themselves, including representation of all genders and sexual orientations” they “do not allow homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, or any other kind of intolerance on the forum” if we “do see any such posts, please just flag them.” I would say your comment did come off as intolerant.


I’ve already had the main game beta tested I’m just asking for nonbinary readers solely because I added the option for the MC to be nonbinary and I want to make sure that path doesn’t end up disrespectful to those it is aimed for.


Story wise not much changes besides a new nonbinary teacher added in the school daze case. ROs is determined by a choice of which gender you chose.

You can now pick either Craig or Sarah to be your friend it is no longer tied to their gender but they are still gay regardless which one you pick.

I’ll add you when I get a chance.

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I’ll add you. You just need to play it and let me know whether any point reads wrong to you.

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Sorry I am not intolerant I didn’t mean it to come out that way I don’t support people who are transphoic I just was wondering how it would make the game different I couldn’t care less if the book had trans in it

While the overall story doesn’t change it makes slight changes here and there but mostly the changes are in the actual grammar. I.e he/she becomes they so he is over there becomes they are over there. The coding should deal with that but it doesn’t hurt to double check. Also it is important to make sure the scenes read properly for someone.

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Ok I understand know

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Well, it’s about inclusion, that’s why I said that you commented on a thread that has nothing to do with you or your game experience. The game already lets you play your preferred gender but I have to choose a gender that doesn’t make me feel as uncomfortable as the other option.

So, thank you @Nocturnal_Stillness for making an update for your game that lets me play as NB. I’m testing the NB path right now and will tell you my thought when I have finished a few playthroughs :blush:


You’re welcome hopefully it’ll be worth the wait.

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I’m not sure if you’re still looking for beta testers, but I’m nonbinary and would love to help! I’m somewhere between agender and masc-aligned, if that information is helpful!

Thank you for the offer but it’s been tested and the update has been released.