Looking for female co-writer

I’m developing a game revolving around a character who’s day is continuously repeating each day. There is a plot line and key events, but something I’m trying is key events not always leading the same way, but sometimes whole new paths. One of these is being a boy or girl, and while I might be able to write for the girl pathway, I’d rather have an actual girl do it. Any takers?

This sounds cool. I think I can do it.

I might but I have to see what has been writer so far.

I could give ideas not really write any

i would be happy to help but i am not a women

You can ask any of us females!

Wouldn’t it be somewhat strange to have two different writing styles in the same game? If you don’t mind me making a suggestion, perhaps it would be better to have a consultant instead of another writer? I’m sure many of our forum members would be happy to add in some advice and critiques on the female path that you write.

Of course, if it’s just that you’re not comfortable with writing from such a viewpoint, then I suppose it can’t be helped.

Its not so much that I am uncomfortable as I know I could never accurately portray a woman’s mind, as I am a man and my mind is so simple I sometime feel like an idiot. Ex: Problem --> solution

well many men write awesome women characters you will do fine always don’t do anything sexist with it and consult with a female to any doubt

We’re the same species, amigo. Our minds aren’t that different – especially if it’s the same person (with all the same memories) who’s just swapped sex.

In the “Groundhog Day” type game you describe, what might be interesting would be seeing how people treat a female character differently than a male, in an otherwise identical (and by then very familiar) context. You could give the reader the choice of how to respond to these different expectations – run with them cheerfully or snarkily, or do the opposite of what’s expected – and see what new options that opens up. As long as you don’t leave the reader feeling “punished” for any of the choices, that could be quite fun. Just a thought.

I think having a female perspective on the game would be most beneficial, yet having her as a wholly new writer, I don’t think, would be fecund. Instead, perhaps limit her involvement to a more editorial role, - that is to say, have her ensure there are more female-oriented options, or that the phraseology is more inclined to how a female would express it.

@Drazen that female could express sound sexist but I understand that wasn’t your intent always that a woman may act don’t mean an antiquated victorian concept of feminity at least not only. all we fine the idea seems cool.

There was nothing sexist about what he said, he just said it may not be too effective to bring a whole new writer on, and suggested something else that may actually be more productive X_X

It’s a CHOICE game. So you as an autor don’t have to know how women think or decide, you just have to give options and every player of a female character can decide himself/herself what he/she thinks that this character would act like.

yeah @2ton but feminine phraseology sounds real bad is the words no the content but I agree with @loelet post

As others have said, it’s not that different to write for a female protagonist as opposed to a male one. You can have different events in the game occur depending on the protagonist’s gender, but that’s by no means required. I promise you, as long as you get all the pronouns right, hardly any woman will play your game and go, “All these choices were clearly written for a simple-minded man and make no sense coming from the tangled morass of serpentine complexity that is the female brain!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Especially in the out-of-the-ordinary situations that you find in game plots, men and women have mostly the same motivations: food and shelter, staying alive, friendship, money, saving the world, and so on. Yeah, there are some differences in how those play out, but with a little adaptation most plots written for a male protagonist would also work fine for a female protagonist.

If you feel more comfortable writing for a male protagonist, why not write out the whole story that way, just switching the pronouns for a female character, and then go back and review the female path with someone who can suggest some ways to tailor the experience more to a female protagonist?

Mara your the only female blowing the sexism whistle almost every forum post now, C’mon do you honestly think anyone on this forum comes on here for the purpose to opress a certain gender? everyone here has more sense than that

@2ton I recognize I’m a really easy to enoy in that theme is a sensible matter to me but I don’t insult anyone is like sone from another race seem offensive all options in this game seems designed like white race I’m being white is not something I note but another races could feel it.

Anyway I’m not trolling post since is on topic I’m only feeling how I feel myself not doing a feminist crusade for me is an important matter don’t. feel discriminated

@2Ton, sexism doesn’t usually rely on anybody deliberately adopting “the purpose to oppress a certain gender.” More often, it’s about the assumptions people have before they consciously form any “purpose” at all.

Mara herself has said that she’s not questioning anyone’s intentions. She’s questioning assumptions – notably, that (a) the choice path for a female character has to be radically different from the choice path for a male character, and (b) that there has to be a distinctive way for a female to express something. Those assumptions might not be automatically sexist, but they easily lead that way.

Guys could easily go “I feel descriminated 'cause he only wants a girl to do this part” but no guy has said that, and also Vendetta used the word ‘Negro’ and im half-black, and I didn’t go and post about it being offensive, because I know Vendetta isn’t racism, and actually read the story five times and there is other racial slurs to Italians and Irish people I believe but I haven’t seen one person get offended over it

Edit: so you know these people aren’t try to be sexist, or descriminate against females or any gender in anyway, they are just writing