Looking for a writer

Well, you see… I want to create a game, but my English level is not high enough to develop the story I’ve been trying to write. So, I ask you, dear readers, to help me with it.

As for what kind of story it is, I want to make an adult romance game involving BDSM. Some kind of date sim, with erotic content and so.

If someone is interested in helping me, please send me a message.

Thank you

oh no another anti women game no. What problem has boys here to assume erotic has to dealt with BDSM, and dominate women and make people suffer?.

Sorry , That was out of place. i wish you luck with your game i only beg you don’t use a sexism anti women aptitude.

And there would be a real romance in game? but deal with bondage ,the idea of a sort of romance it’s weird, and out of place.

Bondage its ok even thrilling, if don’t follow two Japanese stereotype:
First the women has to be there raped and obligated like some sort of slave. That’s totally depreciable and disgusting.

Included ultraviolence just because, even if submissive part say the safety word and its about dying. That’s equality disgusting and cruel.

I liked help you, to aport some sort of feminine view , pm if you want my help.

Stop right there. BDSM doesn’t mean a sadistic psychopath raping his victim.

BDSM is a totally respectable sexual choice, socially and psichologically. It doesn’t involve rape, nor violence, nor is it disgusting and cruel.

BDSM is Sane, Safe and Consensual. The submissive has the last word on anything, and if they do not want to do something, then it won’t happen.

I don’t know your knowledge in this matter, but I can see it’s pretty low.

Also, as I said in another thread, there aren’t only dominant males and submissive females. The BDSM scene is one of the most open-minded one you can find out there. Gender, sexual orientation, social position, skin color… nothing of it matters at all. A house wife can be a dominatrix, and a CEO of a multinational will prefer to be a slave.

And submissives aren’t victims at all. They chose to be submissive. They enjoy serving their partners and the thrill of being ordered around.

BDSM means trust, open-mindedness, being honest with each other. The dominant trusts that their submissive will tell them exactly what they enjoy and what they don’t, and that, if something goes wrong, they will tell them before it becomes worse. The submissive trusts that their dominant will take care when engaged in their practices, that they will know exactly what to do and how to react to avoid any danger that could arise.

So, it’s not a brutal rape. It’s another way to explore one’s sexuality.


Oh; sorry i feared you going for that false BDSM, than Hentai and porn try to sell. Sorry i totally agree with you.

I like the dominant posture myself, so if you want help with woman path, i glad to help you. Its a fresh air see someone writing something more realistic than the last erotic game book i read in Google play i just couldn’t ending it. They follow all degradation women ,violence and rape slavery stereotypes. So sorry to yell about your game without know your idea, I was terribly wrong.

I do agree with @Aquila, that, contrary to @MaraJade, this sort of game is not, - or at least not necessarily, - anti-women, sexist, or suchlike. I do disagree, however, with BDSM being respectable, or sane. Not my cup of tea, in the least.

However, this raises an interesting point: Has CoG formulated its policy on “adult” games, yet? Since this game will doubtless end up presenting more pornographic content than other Choice games, which merely allude to romantic activities, it would be worth having some clarity on what is and is not expected, especially as pertains to selling this game, or hosting it on the website.

You’re forgiven, @MaraJade :3

I welcome your help, as I wasn’t sure how to make a good story involving a female main character. I don’t want to just switch genders. Unfortunately, our society still reacts in different ways at men and women, and I want it to be realist (including reactions like yours, attacking the Scene. That would make an interesting side story).


Quoting @JasonStevanHill :

We hope to create a third imprint at some point, alongside Choice of Games and Hosted Games, which would be for the publication of erotica. As you may or may not know, romance and erotica have been huge drivers of book sales for decades. That said, such a third imprint would have similar standards to Choice of Games: egalitarian, feminist, and sex-positive.

So I hope I can make it to the site :slight_smile:

And BDSM is sane. We do not start hitting and tying ropes like crazy. I had to attend bondage courses before tying my partner. If I didn’t, I’d risk pressing nerves and veins and damaging her. The same with spanking toys, etc.


I disagree with your position on BDSM. It is a respectable and popular sexual practice. It’s just not something you would talk about in public.

Also, partaking in this practice actually helps people keep their sanity. I am a sadist myself and I get a thrill causing other people physical pain. Is that wrong? If I have a willing partner that is a masochist and we engage in these practices, it is far better than bottling up my sadism before I let loose and do it to random people that don’t want it. That’s rape.

Yes I’m still sane, and if anyone saw me invading a kingdom… that wasn’t my fault! It was a voice in my head!!! I’m sorry!!!
*clears throat*
Anyways to @Aquila, hope you are successful in this game and while CoG may not publish it yet, that they will at least let it stay here on the forums.

@Lord_Zant " Is that wrong?" - Are you asking rhetorically, or…?

@Aquila Not actually formulated properly, then. It’s definitely something worth pressing, to know clearly where one stands.

@Drazen I believe they got a egalitarian and nonviolence in erotica . But they don’t have a proper text about it. This game if is consented don’t portrait genders from a bad perspective. And allow free sexuality to homosexuals an bi. If this consented sadomasochism its a sane good practical for both roles.

@Aquila hey, i could show my sincere feedback don’t worry. Also you being Spanish you will suffer me in original version.

No, it’s not rhetorical. I just like knowing where people stand on sadism in general.

@Lord_Zant Since you asked: Yes, I do think that’s wrong; Not perfectly wrong (an injustice), but imperfectly so (a vice). I find the sexualisation of non-sexual things to be problematic in general, and when those things are such areas as ‘Restraint’, ‘Obedience’, and ‘Pain’, I would consider such practices to be doubly disquieting, - for I cannot see this as being anything other than an unhealthy perversion of human sexuality.

To counter your point that it is better to express these desires, than to potentially cause harm to others by supressing it, I would contend that if one ever finds oneself to be at risk of damaging others, then one should seek some form of psychological help.

As an aside, please do not think I am saying this to cause offence, and take my perspective to constitute a personal slight.

@Drazen It’s a pity that you didn’t explain it in an offensive manner. I like it when people say I’m a sick and twisted monster. It makes me laugh.

That aside, it’s also not healthy bottling such expressions up either. Eventually, it’ll cause them to break and then you enter the realm of insanity. And once you get there, no amount of psychological help will bring you back. Ever.

People have different views however, and I don’t see us agreeing on this subject. So I think we’re done with this discussion, unless you have anything to add?

Sadomasochism is not considered a pathology in psychology any more.

@Aquilia You know for someone who says they can’t finish a product on account of lack of English you seem remarkably good at writing it. Anyway, I’m personally agains BDSM myself, I have my own particular tastes in the sexual side of things but causing pain to those you ‘love’ isn’t one of them.

Aquila, you seem to write eloquently enough on the subject and are experienced in it. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that this isn’t the sort of game for me, but I would imagine that your own writing skills would be more than ample to carry it off. You’re always quite articulate.

Are you going for something along the lines of the ever so popular Shades of Grey?

@Lord_Zant Strictly speaking, I don’t believe insanity. Nobody can believe in the immutability of the Transcendental Ego, and in the Freedom of the Will, and still believe in the [ontological] reality of insanity (outside of chemical, medical disorders, that is). If someone, through their situation alone, behaves in an insane manner, - it is simply a weakness of their character. If bottling up one’s baser desires leads to problems, then the fault is not with their sanity, but their lack of personal strength.

But, yes, I doubt we’ll be in agreement; nevertheless, since this game will be exploring attitudes to BDSM, at some point, I hope my differing perspective will be of some use, at least.

@Aquila There’s always the question of how far scientific changes are determined by social ones, in fields such as this, - something which occurs far more than the Low Scientists like to admit. But personally, I do not agree with this change in classification.

If this going for shade grey lines; I couldnt show my help; the book treat both genders its nasty and repulsive. I only read twelve pages before give back the book to my friend.

i don’t like sadism myself; but i could understand it if both parts agree

@derekmetaltron and @FairyGodfeather

I can fend in english well enough to hold a conversation. But I lack vocabulary, and I usually find myself unable to express what I want to.

I started making the game, but I realized I couldn’t write a decent paragraph, and having to find matching sayings and translating 1 of every 3 words would be too tiresome, which isn’t very motivational.

@MaraJade No, it won’t be like 50 Shades. I didn’t like it either…

Aquila, lower your expectations. If you write the game, using the language that you do have, you can always get an editor later. As long as you write anything, that’s what matters. Or pretend your game is a conversation.

@Aquila your English is far beyond mine. But i just write like a mad and going change and erase the raw text. It’s not fast and it’s not funny. But helps to express myself better. Sincerely, in a erotica matter find another author with a similar view, it’s almost impossible. I recommend just write demo in Spanish and we both could try to edit it in English.