At Your Service


No this is not a cog butler idea.

I am not good at coding myself but I want to help others write their own games so if you need any advice or imput or even a cowriter to your game I’d love to help.


Well, I need a native editor to my horrible grammar. In exchange i could code whatever you want to write. But Idon’t need another writer


…I would actually be interested in a Choice of Butler game.


Done Mara! It could be fun actually… Hmm Mara help me code a choice of butler game and ill help with grammar. :stuck_out_tongue:


Deal a Sim date butler game like some otome? But with both genders. In a maid butler school that would be really awesome . :wink:


Heh probably. I suck at sticking with things though… Ughh.


Ill be watching out for this one ! Please do it


I want otome otome otome otome otome otome otome otome otome


A co-writer is definitely something I really need. Are you actually considering or you just looking to be an editor?


I want to be a cowriter.