Writer looking for programmer

Hello to everyone in the forums.

I have been following cog for a long time, i have played the most games on forums even these on an very premature stage of development.

I am a writer (published two novels and one collection of poems -in greek-) and i have been planing to start creating a co game, yet i am not the best with coding so i request for a partner. All work and all profits(if we create it for commercial reasons) will be 50-50. He will be able to co-write any parts of the script and also hand me any type of coding work that i can do.

Themes i usually write/want to write about are: post Apocalyptic (mostly political ones, but also with zombies), daily life simulations and strategy ones. I am not the best with fantasy rpgs.

You can mail me at: fontas_1992@yahoo.gr or use the forums


Hi, @Fodas_1992
You might wanna take a look at my article!


Hey there, welcome to the forums!
I hate to be all formal but if you could just take a moment to read our rules, you’ll find that asking for programmers is actually something we like to discourage:

This isn’t to be cruel, it’s just to be realistic. Most of the forum members here are writers, not programmers, and if every writer made a thread asking for programmers the forum would be flooded with a load of request threads that never got any sort of reply.

In a nutshell: These types of threads don’t work.

As @Samuel_H_Young 's article suggests, coding your own game in Choicescript is actually much easier than you’d think, even without prior programming experience most writers can pick it fairly quickly - I suggest you give you give it a go, if you get stuck there’s always someone on hand here to give you advice and point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

oh yeah i see your point, sorry if i created problem for the forum, feel free to lock it or delete it if you need :wink: guess i ll work more on coding

@Fodas_1992 I am someone without any programming knowledge. I learned the basics of Choicescript very quickly. My advice is to learn CS by reading the tutorial. It is much more detailed than it used to be and covers almost everything.

Welcome, you will find plenty of support as people here are more than happy to help us non-programers. :wink:

and you can always ask me for help, i am pretty much always on and know most of the commands