In need of a Writer

Hi Choice of Games Community,
I’m familiar with the workings of Choicescript albeit newly and had ideas for a book. I have a plan for the book and the genre sits at the Science-Fiction level. I need a writer who can help me plan the book so it can have more structure. I plan to include the writer into the work and not just make it a one man job (think of it as a partnership). Please message me privately if interested and if we’re a good fit, we will start working.

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If you hire a woman, it may yet end up being a one man job, eh? :wink:


No. We only prohibit asking for coders:

If you’re a writer, don’t advertise for coders. Most people here fancy themselves writers, not programmers.

We place no restrictions on asking for writing collaborators.


Sorry about that! Carry on. :blush:

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Hello. I sent you a message. :slight_smile: