Please help

Can anyone tell (or make) me a free choicescript game in which there is frequent sexual matter and violence and is pretty big.

No, because “overly” mature content is not something we’re ‘all for’ here.
I can name you some Ren’Py titles (via PM) but you won’t find or be allowed to make that it here.

Ok :slight_smile:

That request is so messed up…


@Talon5505 @irule9344

Some people like that kind of stuff, we’re not really in any position to judge them.
Each to their own.
I’d rather he asked politely like this beforehand, than make the mistake of posting something of that nature.

@cjw Actually, Id be interested in that too though I have no idea what Ren’Py means. I do prefer my stories to have a more mature edge though so if you wouldn’t mind explaining it to me in PM I’d highly appreciate it.

@talon5505 @irule9344 Violence and sex sell more books, video games and television then any other reason. Not saying it is “right” but there is a clear public interest in it (as well is it simply being in our nature). Some people, such as myself, prefer the reality of things like that

@Corrupthoughts - I sent one, hope it helps! :slight_smile:
And yes, that’s true. What was that recent book, Fifty Shades of Grey?

actually i was more interested in violence. & as long as sexual matter is considered, what is frequent for me is what there is in CoR and sequel CoI.

In general, the big issue is that Apple doesn’t allow explicit content to be sold on iPhone, which is where CoG makes a lot of its money (damned closed platforms). CoG themselves have a much more laid-back view on the matter; so long as there’s artistic merit they’ll be fairly accepting (especially in Hosted Games).