The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP)

I know you said we can’t be paladins, but can we end up as priests? It was gonna be my son’s goal to somehow become a priest of the love goddess. He’s gentle and won’t survive the real world.

@DarkSpeck Yes, I intend for the MC to be an adult for the majority of the game, and there will be a lot you can do with your life. Get married, have children, etc etc.

@TheTrueKing If I don’t have it done by April 1st, it won’t be because of a prank. I’m not that cruel, haha.

@RedRoses I’m afraid that you cannot be a priest or a priestess. You’re a prince/ss of Ophaesia, and it wouldn’t be appropriate. Plus, your mother would do everything she could to talk you out of it.


Can we change up gender roles at all? And if we’re able to how much judgement will there be if we do it?

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Since our MC’s are leaving the nursery now that there seven, does that mean will start learning more about the palace and the royal court of Ophaesia? Will start to learn more about Ophaesia and the other country’s in this world your building @Fawkes?

I would think that now that our character’s our seven their teachers/tutors would begin to expand are knowledge and understanding of the world. As well as build on that they learned in the nursery also well as learning new things and skills like basic Arms training, horse riding, dancing and maybe an instrument or art like painting? I know that what our MC will be allowed to learn may depend on their gender.

I got really confused with a particular blurb about the first wife giving the king 6 kids then the second wife (our mother) gave him the 7th… Why does it say that we are the fourth child of the king in the stats/info section? Am I missing something? Is this a spoiler or a plot twist involving just who the heck we are?

EITHER WAY, I loved the first chapter, the character building was good and It did seem like a novel, just wished it was longer but that’s just me.

You are the fourth son or daughter since he had three of each before you.


I feel something is wrong there… Like i know math isnt my strongest subject but something is wrong there.

Queen Alapharen (Second wife, deceased mother of 6 children):
Princess Ilythis - King Eraven’s second daughter; your sister
Prince Terrisen - King Eraven’s third son; your brother
Princess Baelira - King Eraven’s third daughter; your sister

Ysonia Maeliah (our mother and from what i understand only has one kid and that kid is us.):
Prince Therron - King Eraven’s fourth son; you

Now if thats wrong and it turns out, Ilythis, Terrisen and Baelira are my mother’s kid then one thing is clear FUCK THE KING. He bangs my mother 7 times (assuming there will be future banging and the other kids would be introduced) and she pops out the kids and he hates me?! What about my freaking siblings? Why am i called the 7th when it says i’m the fourth kid, i will literally have a female or male sibling and another one after that and both of whom came me.

Its also possible that i am just really, really confused but then again… Fantasy and Royalty have a tendency to be confusing… One is for sure though, the king has some serious libido, i guess grumpy old man is also creepy old man… Hypocrite. Can’t wait to be king, abolish gender laws, enact some new laws, piss off more people and maybe marry a cousin because the only thing missing is banging your own relative.


This game is so wonderful :blush: Mom is the best mom and I will do absolutely anything to make her proud of me. Anything

@DisturbedOne The character screen only lists characters you have been introduced to. You have six brothers and sisters, but only 3 of them have been mentioned. You are the fourth son, because there are three other brothers before you. It isn’t counting the opposite gender.

As for the mom situation… The King had wife A. Wife A had six kids, and then she died. Your mom is wife B. You are wife B’s only kid.


You would be the fourth daughter. So you have 3 more sisters and 3 more brothers for a total of 7.

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King has a wife. Proceeds to have 6 kids, 3 sons and 3 daughters.
Wife dies.
King has another wife. Proceeds to have 1 kid, a son or a daughter.

  • If you are a boy.
    You are 7th child but only 4th son of King. 1st child of mother.

  • If you are a girl.
    You are 7th child but only 4th daughter of King. 1st child of mother.


[quote=“Fawkes, post:68, topic:15629, full:true”]
Yes, I intend for the MC to be an adult for the majority of the game, and there will be a lot you can do with your life. Get married, have children, etc etc.[/quote]

Sounds promisng in it’s own way, though I hope there’s more than that - marrying and having kids is something most people do after all… But surely there will be more to his/her life than being a glorified royal spare? ^_-

Ha! This doesn’t much surprise me, since our mother’s fairly machiavellian, so she probably has something grander in mind for our MC than that…

Is there any possibility of a military career?

I noticed the MC hasn’t be tutored in any martial skill at this point. I would think even if the MC really hates violence or something that if he is a male he would be expected to learn fencing as a matter of course. I would think a female MC could pursue military training in opposition to norms as well.


I can’t wait to have me some children.

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I recognize that for the mc, as a male royal, it would probably be expected that he knows how to handle himself but why does it need to be fencing though?
If my character needs to learn how to handle a weapon I’d prefer a bow, or if the setting is already less medieval than I had assumed, a pair of pistols.

As for the reason, in a medieval setting, I think this Sebastian Vael quote sums it up nicely “My grandfather said the bow is the wise man’s weapon. You can defend your city without opening its gates.

As always, if magic is an option it wouldn’t hurt to dabble a bit in that as well.

Feeling a bit bloodthirsty, are we? While I admit I don’t like our mc’s dad much, I’m at least going to give the brothers and sisters a chance.

Besides being an effective absolute monarch is bloody hard work and not much fun at all.


At least from the Anglo-Saxon and English/British Isle traditions, the noble and royal classes are expected to learn the art of war which includes blades and armor. The Yeoman or peasant classes were expected to learn the bow for hunting and as levy requirements.

Going off of what @Fawkes has disclosed so far, your father is sticking to the bare traditions (which are based on the above customs); I doubt he’d allow any deviance.

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Okay, now I finally get it… Christ on a stick that whole fourth son thing really, really threw me off. I got it, after so many replies from you wonderful people. Anyway, my character values Power and Knowledge. LOOK MA YOUR SON IS VERY AMBITIOUS AND ALREADY HATES PEOPLE. But yeah i really wanna make my mother happy…

Also the king had 3 wives. The first one died, then he married a second which gave him those 6 kiddos then she died and married our mother. I mean i guess its reasonable why he’s a grumpy bastard, he got his heart broken twice and our mother seduced him.

Somethings wrong with me, I really want to bang Sister Elesyth like i don’t picture her as an old woman in her 70s, i picture her as a woman in her 20s… That and i really like older women and i think my character has some weird issues involving being loved and taken care of… Abandonment issues? Weird Semi Oedipus complex?



I doubt he really cares what we do though, remember we’re his little mistake already. We can probably arrange to be taught the bow fairly easily, should we want to.
If it’s full on medieval with all the plate armour and tournaments thrown in then, as far as traditional knightly combat goes, expect my character to be an extremely disinterested student, gay he may be, but a would be Loras Tyrell he’s not.


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I feel like now that we have our own rooms we might like see all the siblings more I wonder of the two you were friends with if they’ll treat you like crap probably will but maybe they’ll feel bad about it.