Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

A Drop of Night was good too


Reading this thread was a mistake :sob:
…I don’t even know half of the game mentioned but I’m sad I will never get the chance to play them. Like I can FEEL the sadness radiating from those comments. So might as well join in…
Anyone remember “Heir to the Throne” ? (hope it’s the right name) were you play as the only heir to a kingdom and you were born with a sort of magic charm that make people bewitched with you. I really miss that wip,I love the ROs so much and the writing was so good.

Anyone know if it’s been officially abandon ?


I really enjoyed Monsters of New Haven High, but it seems unlikely that it will ever escape the WIP limbo. :frowning:


New Haven High, Vendetta, Pelotta Susia*, United We Stand, and Guenevere are like the big 5 WIPs that completely blew me away and will never get published.

*I believe that’s the correct spelling?


Pelottomia, if I recall correctly

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Burwick Destination - A Lovecraftian Detective story? Sign me up!

Dark Transition - A vampire simulator

The Operative: Fires of Revolution - An interesting sci fi story where you serve an empire as the emperor’s enforcer.

A Drop of Night - A gritty super hero story where you’re not a hero, but a mercenary.

Aetherian Spell Academy - A WiP where you are a gifted spell caster and attend school with other students.

School of Necromancy - Another WiP where you are a mage (but this time a necromancer) and attend school.

Auralites - Similar premise to The Golden Compass. You have a spirit companion, but in this case you’re not the chosen one.

Atheina: A Story of the Gods - A story where you’re just a normal person before you get sucked into the world you and your friends helped create when you were kids. Oh and you’re a god of the underworld now.

Salt City Private Eye - Another detective story? Gimme.

The Emerald City - A story in a post apocalyptic setting with mutants!

Second Chances - Probably one of the oldest WiPs on this list, back from 2016. You have amnesia and have a lot of mercenaries hunting for you. You make new friends and try to regain your memories back. Oh and one of those friends is a charming mute bodyguard and a small spider crab machine who likes to hitch a ride on your shoulders.

Icarus Sun - A story within a story. In present day, you live underground in a steampunk city and discover a book where you learn about the second story. A world where people have wings, everyone but your second character.

From Ashes We Rise - Another anti-hero super hero story where you died and then came back to live.

The Beast in the Castle - Another take on the classic Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.

Keys - Another magic school simulator but you can have a dragon as your familiar!

The Vanished Project - Another school setting sprinkled in the fantasy genre but this time you’re trying to find missing people as a member of a club. This is also set in third person but pulls it off spectacularly.

That Which Lurks in the Darkness - You play as a member of an agency dispatched to take care of supernatural threats, particularly a new case.


I laughed way too hard at mine being mentioned here, I swear it’s not dead! :pensive: I just take too long to update, but thank you so much for the mention, glad you liked it :heart:!


Oops! Sorry!

I saw the Locked symbol so I generally assume Locked = Dead!

Great story nonetheless!


Yeah, they do that when there’s no engagement for a long time. When chapter 3 is out though, I hope that people will visit it again!


At least they’re getting their wish for it to come back :smiley:


Aha Burwick is also not dead. Just, ah… sleeping lol.

I’ve had to rework my planning for all of my games because the method I used before just isn’t working for me. Getting my executive dysfunction to cooperate on that is an uphill battle, but someday! I’ve also been making slow and sparse rewrites to the prologue that I’m hoping will make it much better and I’ll be able to update with at least that eventually.

Seeing that someone enjoys it and wants it to come back, though, is pretty motivating :sob::two_hearts:


Well Cthulhu is supposedly called the Slumbering God. Seems fitting Burwick is sleeping for now. Haha. Puns~


Well i would love to see “become mortal” it was really good i think what i enjoyed the most was that there were two mc

  • Palace of Paradise

  • Yugen

  • The Oval Office

  • Fox of Sunholt

  • One in a Millennium

  • Become Mortal

  • Through Broken Lenses

  • A Light Among the Stars

  • Nothing Left To Burn

  • What a Brilliant Existence

  • The Residence of Reeker Hill

  • Becoming Guardian

  • Love Bites


I don’t think what a brilliant existence and nothing left to burn are dead

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TBL isn’t dead either.


“A Hag called fate”. There are others to, but I never know if they are really dead or not.


Oh yeah that list sums it up pretty much.

Oh man I just tried School of Necromancy and I really enjoyed it tis a shame it’s dead

Ok but An Absinthian Ballad? I love that WIP and it breaks my heart seeing the date of the last update!