Burwick Destination: Book One (Supernatural WIP - UPDATE: 4/9/19 - Secret RO reveal post 90)

You’re a detective, just trying to live a normal life with the pretense of a functioning adult, when your life takes a turn as you’re kidnapped by crazy demonic cultists. But these ‘cultists’ are not all they seem… but then, maybe neither are you.

Your promotion was only recently but you’re already being transferred and now you’re… different. You’re not yet sure what happened to you, but after that night, you’ve changed. Even worse yet, this new town you’ve moved to is suddenly being plagued by murders after years of not a single unnatural death and you’re not sure, but you’ve got a hunch what’s causing this.

Burwick Destination will be a 3 book series. You play as a detective in the town of Burwick, changed for the worst one night. Now, something dark and evil seems to lurk over your shoulder and you’ve become all too aware of the existence of the supernatural in the world. There’s been a murder and it’s not going to be the last. Work with your fellow detectives trying to solve the ever-growing case and try to keep up the image of a normal human being while someone, something, keeps trying to control you.

Will you fight the truth you’re drowning in? Or will you dine on the cyanide of whispering devils?

General warnings

This game will contain
Murder investigations
Mild violence (mostly the aftermath of)
Mild sexual content (optional)
The potential for unhealthy relationships (but that depends on the player and I can’t say you’re going to be rewarded for acting that way)
Demons and the lack of morals they tend to come with.


Yes, there is romance as well as friendship! Because I’m me and I love writing writing relationships. There are 4, 2 male and 2 female and they’re all romanceable by any gender.

Detective James Ko - 35 - bisexual - Your coworker and the lead detective on your first case. He’s more of a tough guy than a people-person, but he’s at least been friendly.

Detecive Aryn Meyers - 33 - bisexual - Another coworker. She’s… quirky, but sharp and can be professional when she needs to be. For the most part.

Detective Veronika Brose - 32 - no label - Another coworker. She’s laid-back and seems less a victim of Aryn’s personality than James. But there’s something about her… You can’t put your finger on why she, and that belief in and fear of ghosts she has, seems off.

Ivan Norwood - 27 - pansexual - A witness in your first case. A former author, now bookstore owner. He’s friendly, doesn’t seem odd. Oh, but he and his twin sister are witches.

Play the demo here! Current word count is, including code, 22,441. Some options are not finished but will be in future updates. Any stat changes are completely arbitrary, don’t mind them, they will certainly be getting an overhaul once the game is in beta.

And the tumblr (made for development updates and character asks) is available here (warning for mild spoilers and one major book one spoiler, which is not to be spoken of on the forum)


Hell yeah the demo’s finally out!!


I really enjoyed that and I’m looking forward to interacting with demon/deity/other that’s possessing us.


So many detective stories but honestly, I’m here for each and every one of them.

I’m so looking forward to more of this, the set-up so far is incredible and I can’t wait to meet all the characters!


you’re spoiling me :sob:


@pandaboi Does the entity possessing us have a corporeal form ? If so can it/they be killed ? Or even better, can we posses them, and possibly enslave them to do our biding as payback for possessing/ hijacking our body ? (I understand if this crosses into spoiler territory, and you can’t answer I just want to know what’s in store.)


@CreoleGuy519 @Johann I’m glad you enjoyed it! I hope I can keep to the hype lol

Ehehe well, additional werewoofs might be not what you’re expecting, but they’re there. Not that you’ll know who they are in some cases

Don’t let their titles fool you, they’re all demons.

Technically yes.

By you? Well… again, technically yes. Is this something that’ll happen in any of the books? No. I’ll refrain from answering about any other situation pertaining to this for spoiler reasons.

Not quite like that. While trying very hard not to give too much away just yet, I’d say it’s less that they’re possessing you (well, that’s definitely what they’re doing at this moment and for most of book one) and more… you’re becoming them.


I’m very excited about this and I enjoy the premise a lot! :smiley:


One thing that did bother me about this demo was the character creation…the hair scene, specifically. If I chose to go back to my natural color & then chose a different color, it took me back to the scene as if I had dyed it. The “it was a good thing too because it had to be a natural color for my job too” part. That was a little jarring when all I wanted was natural (not dyed) hair!


I personally love detective games, and the fact you are going to be running around with a Demon is an interesting concept and I am really excited for more! Also what you have in the demo is already excellent and engaging.


This is something I do want to point out!

Chloroform isn’t an instant knock out like it’s portrayed in the media. It can take up to 5 minutes of having a constant exposure to knock a human being out. If you’re interested to find out more about chloroform, you can read this article!


Woops! I forgot to account for that. I’ll fix that lol.

I am aware of that, but I chose to portray it the way I did so that the scene would be short and therefore much less likely to be triggering to people with certain traumas.


Good point!

Hair color thing should be solved and also a couple typos I spotted.

Thank you! I’m glad you’re looking forward to more :grinning: chapter one is currently in the works and an update should hopefully be soon.

Thank you for that article though! I did do some research so I could at least get descriptions somewhat right, but accurate information can be hard to find sometimes lol.


Anyway, this WiP is my cup of tea! Ever since Highland Deep Waters, I’ve wanted to role play as a detective who had the unfortunate luck of having an eldritch hitchhiker! Definitely looking forward to this!

Definitely interested to learn more about the Detective’s backstory and see what that’s all on about as well! If any of their family members are alive still, I wonder how or what the hitchhiker will have to say about them, or really any human connections the MC has!


I got goosebumps reading this yes please.

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Hoho. Encore encore my jolly good person.
This is fun.:smile:

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Ah, a supernatural game. Those are indeed a vice of mine. An interesting concept, and well-executed from what I’ve seen so far, good work!

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@AChubbyBlackCat I’m glad you liked it! I’ve never played that, so I’m not sure how similar this is, but I hope I can live up to expectations lol. I can also tell you, at least the Detective’s siblings are definitely still alive and depending on the demon you choose at the beginning, they may certainly have… some things to say about your relationships with other characters.

@Conor_Mccann @ArtemisFowl @deznutes Thank you, thank you :grin: I’m glad this has been well-received so far.


Unfortunately my MC (called Devlin) isn’t having the greatest time of his life, but I’m sure he and the demon possessing him would do just fine. :rofl:

Devlin: You call this fine?! Geez, did I pick the wrong time to do detective work around here…

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Me crawling out of my tar pit for some detective on demon action