Burwick Destination: Book One (Supernatural WIP - UPDATE: 4/9/19 - Secret RO reveal post 90)


Why? What about having a traumatic kidnapping experience, only to come out of it with some demonic entity sharing your headspace, doesn’t scream “great time” lmao?

@Weeb that picture activated my fight or flight response and i never want to look at it again. Thank you so much.

Also, you. Can’t. Fuck. The demon.


Dontcha just hate it when your helping out kids then you get kidnapped for a satanic cult? Such an inconvenience.


but incubus tho…
ok ;_;


Ooh man am I on board with this. The writing’s on point, and (so far) it really feels like there’ll be a healthy variety of ways to characterize different MCs, which is always a treat.


Don’t worry too much about trying to make your IF into the next Highlands, just make it your own! :smiley: You’ll do great!


I do want to a werewolf or supernatural creature


Unnamed Demon: Like I said, damnit, it’s not satanic.

he only says that in one response tho…

The demon is you, so you can’t fuck the demon. We’ve had the whole ‘fucking yourself’ discussion on the tumblr, too, because humans really are the same aren’t we? I’ve never felt closer to the human race than now

Thank you!! I have to have a certain limit on the MC’s personality due to circumstances, but even in that limit I hope to allow several ways to customize the MC’s personality and actions.


Hey guys. Today an ask came in on tumblr that has me changing my mind on how to handle something in the game, so now I have a question of my own and I want to ask as many people as possible their opinion since I’m only writing it; you guys will be playing it.

Here’s the ask mentioned for some context as to what I’m talking about and here’s my actual question(s) in regards to what I should do.


The scar would be rather interesting and be a nice clue to the MC something is not quite right, but maybe it is really faded so it looks like it was years old? So the MC is like “huh, I did not realize I had that scar, weird” and when asked the MC just says it was from their childhood they think.

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I’m a fan of the scar staying. If you want to add some spooky to it, the scar could be only visible to the MC?


I vote no on the scar. I’m not a fan of scars and one on the neck would not easy to hide (especially with clothing on hot weather) or explain away.


I like the idea of including the scar, but you’ll get a warmer reception giving players the choice, I think. The only thing would be explaining why there isn’t a scar :thinking: Hand wave it away with spooky demon magic, I suppose?


Basically, yes the implication is the demon healed it for you (I mean, you’ll find they had also cleaned and dressed you and healed any bruises and the like, why not heal the fatal wound as well?) Preserving your mental and physical health is important to them as your body is now theirs as well, they need it in good enough condition to function. And if letting you pretend it never happened up until you truly can’t pretend anymore is the way to do that, so be it.

So… I’m stuck between enforcing the scar now and letting it be a choice, but I will add one thing; if it’s a choice this might mean those with the scar get certain extra content. Not only with choices on how to feel about and deal with the scar, but since I’m such a trauma writer, I find there’d be quite a bit that could be explored especially with MC’s feelings on it (as pointed out by a couple people, particularly in intimate scenes) MC being in denial (and having that denial justified by the lack of a scar) can still yield content and it’s not like I’m going to purposely make it unbalanced (I will try to keep it balanced as best I can) but I don’t want to force it and MC’s trauma about the event isn’t even going to be a big focus of the game. (I just can’t ignore the trauma, is all, because again I write so much about stuff like that)

So, clarifying that, I want to ask again; Should I enforce the scar (and just go forward rewriting a chunk of chapter one, which I admit I was reluctant to do but now after resting a bit I feel like I can) or just make it a choice?


I like the idea of the scar, that’s the reminder of what happened that night and reinforce the idea of a future revenge against the responsibles (maybe). You could make a poll to see what the people prefers and settle this crossroad :thinking:


That won’t happen. If you’re talking about the demons that actually performed the ritual, they’re… dead, so. And if you’re talking about your demon, the one that now lives in your body, they’re… you, so.

The story is not about what happened that night (hence why I told it in full in the prologue), the story is about what happens after now that you’re more or less a demon yourself and when shit starts to hit the fan because of a certain little hint one of the demons gave as to what the bigger picture might be. The lingering trauma is really just something I’ll be writing because, again, I’m a trauma writer and I hate when totally traumatizing events are just brushed off by the characters that experienced them.

A poll is a good idea. I’ll put up a poll when I finish making dinner. Sidenote: is your icon Ookurikara? Because… I love him :pensive:


Given the amount of extra content that comes with the scar then you’re definitely better off going one way or another. Personally I’m all for it :man_shrugging:


Yes, is Ookurikara. I love him too :grin:

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You did this to win my heart? Because looks like that. Secret cult, investigation and sobrenatural things? I would sell my kidney to play that.


I burned my thumb :sweat:

Anyway here’s a poll to settle this scar question:

Should I enforce the MC having a scar on their throat due to the Incident, or should I make it a choice to have the scar or not? Note that it’s likely, if it’s a choice, the MCs with the scar may end up with a little extra content to do with said scar (such as the choice on how to feel about and deal with it and people noticing it sometimes, to name a couple of examples) it will not be purposely unbalanced and I will try to make it as balanced as possible, but I don’t want to force it either. Which would you prefer?

  • Enforce the scar
  • Make it a choice
  • Decide for yourself, author

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hehe I did have some fun with the plot. I’m glad you’re looking forward to it! :grin: