Burwick Destination: Book One (Supernatural WIP - UPDATE: 4/9/19 - Secret RO reveal post 90)


Idle question because it makes me curious. But if it’s a Incubus Demon that we chose at the start as a female, wouldn’t that make us a Succubus instead since from what you’re saying it becomes us? Lol.


@Kanaya It’s hard to explain, but you are neither an incubus nor succubus if you choose Berkard. He is the incubus (and he also seems more inclined to refer to you as a siren, but that means something different in this context). What your demon is when they are bound to you doesn’t affect what that makes you, but I’m still using the language of “You are them and they are you.”

I mean, it’s supposed to be complicated, but it’s extra hard to explain since I’m trying not to give away what’s going on lol. In the context of book one, you are still very much separate from your demon and still very human.


How much control does the demon have over our MC?

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After shattering your reality by talking to you, the demon can no longer take full control of your body. At this point, until the line starts to blur, they’re more of an intrusive thought (with a little extra)

A related question on the tumblr was regarding the powers the demons give you and if they have to control you to use them and the answer to that I’ll paste here:

Meta-wise, you’ll have the choice for certain things, other things just kind of happen as a story element.
The functionality in the canon itself, you have control… but it’s more like the demons are nudging you to use it. They cannot take control over your body anymore.


Is it just me of the description of the game reminds me of Wayhaven Chronicles? Anyway, I want to try out your game and it seems interesting enough


I’ll use my new found crow powers to send my murder across the lands, leaving excrement and feathers in their wake, as they perch outside of office blocks and cause a general nuisance!


I love thissss, def. supporting it! Thank you for your hardwork, author!

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It’s up to you! Whatever you decide, keep in mind that you don’t have to implement it right away!

Though I have to ask… am I the only getting Venom (as in the Marvel character) vibes from this?


Ha ! No you’re not the only one, I was thinking of maybe Carnage or Green Goblin as well.


The demo was short, but man is your writing just extremely well done! The description of the prologue is paced great and you gave enough info without revealing everything.

The premise is already interesting and I can’t wait to see more of your writing! The demo is just so good!


Yeah, I kinda worried that connection would be made :sweat_smile: Though Burwick was in development before I’d ever played Wayhaven and, I think, the similarities start and end with ‘detective + supernatural’, everything else is quite different (including no vampires lol)

This is what being evil is all about.

Thank you!!

@The_Black_Reaper @CreoleGuy519 I actually don’t really know anything about Marvel comics, so I’ll have to take your word for it if it’s similar lolol

Thank you so much!! That really means a lot to me and I’ll certainly try to keep up the quality throughout. :blush:


@pandaboi this game already seems so good so fast and I truly can’t wait for what’s coming next! I guess, I might have found some typos but I’m not sure? When you go to pick your first and last name there arent any periods.

Also bit of a question in the beginning how did the guys from the ritual find us? I’m guessing they were maybe stalking us? Why didnt they choose someone other than us for the ritual? Were the people doing the ritual actual humans or something unhuman? They did have wicked grins afterall. And will my MC be able to cuddle James’s cat soon! lol

I eagerly await the next update! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@pastel If any typos or grammar mistakes are found, please let me know! (with screenshots or just copy-pasting the section) As for that, do you mean in the choices themselves? I didn’t think that was very important since it’s just name choice? (and putting a period in the middle of a name feels weird) If it’s not that important, I’ll leave it because that’s 16 names I’d have to add a period to and I don’t want to lol.

As for your questions, they’ve been watching you for longer than you know. You’ll find out why it was you of all people; MC is not all they seem. And the two guys were demons. We’re just at the beginning of the first of three books, I can promise you’ll get some answers as we go.

To meet James’ cat, you’ll have to go to his house and that’ll be a while from now, so not soon but your MC might be able to cuddle Queen eventually :laughing:


@pandaboi, a quick question if you don’t mind. What kind of supernaturals are gonna be there? Also you said no vampires? :disappointed:


Would the demon be able to control the body’s heart-rate towards the end, because that would be cool


There’s vampires in the Burwick world, just not in the story. The focus is on demons. There are also werewolves, but you’re not guaranteed to meet them and I can’t talk about them too deeply as they are tied into major spoilers. For now, those are the only supernaturals present in book one.

There are certain things the demon can do. I won’t be talking about what goes on in book three, we’re only on book one.


Well… I’m hooked. You got me right where It counts, supernatural and detectives. Loving it so far, can’t wait to see where it leads!


@thenameslynith13 Thank you!! I’m glad you’re looking forward to it :blush:

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Alright, this has my interest.

Quick question: If one of them is a Fallen Angel, wouldn’t that make him a daemon rather than a demon? They’re pronounced the same, but there’s a difference by technicality. Sorry if it sounds like I’m nitpicking.


He’s not a Fallen angel or an actual god. Fallen God is Thial’thu’s title, but don’t be fooled by it. He is and always has been nothing but a demon. Each demon has lore you can learn in the game that explains their titles, we just haven’t gotten to that yet.