Samaria (Coder needed)


You are a visitor to the small typical midwestern, American town of Samaria. However mysterious forces are at work in this town. You find that this force binds you to the town just like the others, but they have been stuck to long to notice. You must find the source while dealing with the complex past of this town.

I have big plans for this game. As I said it’s very complex storywise and would like to focus on that and not be burdened with coding as it would destroy my resolve to make this.

I’m planning four unique stories on how you arrived to the town which affect how certain characters respond to you. They will be gender-locked origins two female and two male.

  1. Lauren Higgins: A women down on her luck traveling the country trying to get by, happened upon Samaria and found herself not able to leave. While she found success there she wants to leave for even better prospects. She will have a rougher time in influencing the people but is more successful in finding a place in the town.

2: Jared Laurence: A travelling salesman who sells pillows finds himself stuck here after spending some time selling pillows to the people of Samaria. The people will listen to him but he doesn’t seem to have a knack for the supernatural and it will take some time for him to prove himself worthy.

3: Aniline Guera: A contract killer who finds a job here but once it’s complete can’t leave. She has intimidation on her side and has a good chance of solving this mystery.

4: Jensen Rutherford: A retired preacher travelling through to meet his son in a nearby town but also finds himself bound here as well. A good man with resolve and better chance of discovering the force but can come off as crazy.

Every character has a strength and weakness but some have it easier than others. I have no idea what the force should be and would like some input on characters in the town of Samaria. I plan on sort of a dark soap opera feel for the story and lots of drama.

Any thoughts and feedback on this is well apreciated. If anyone would code this with me would be welcome. Thank you all for reading this rather long post of mine.


Relating to the ‘coder needed’ bit, I’m sorry, but see rule 10 of the forums. Apart from that, it sounds interesting, but I must advise you to learn ChoiceScript- it’s very simple, and nowhere near as complicated as it first seems!


The premise of it sounds really interesting, and I like the idea of a supernatural drama. About this force, I’m not sure. It could have something to do with a dead person, like murder lover or something (since we all know in supernatural stories there’s nothing more powerful than a vengeful spirit.)
If you were to go this route, the story of how the ghost came to being would have to be really unique, since it’s so easy to make ghost stories cliche.
Or of course maybe the force should be something more sinister, like a demon or something. But then that might force the story to take on a more horror genre rather than just supernatural.
What are your ideas for the townspeople? Do they know about the force and are they somehow causing it, or are the more like victims of it like our character would be?


@Redgrave I have not even looked at the rules since I first joined and it’s obvious they have changed. Thanks for pointing me to that.

@YaoiBloodhound I was thinking of it being a demonically possesed person causing this and some of the townspeople are using it to take advantage of crime and manipulation. Perhaps a spirit of greed? Of course some have grown up during this and can’t leave even if they wanted and some are just plain oblivious. Does that answer your questions?

I will play with choicescript and try to put something out later this month as this is a busy time right now. I promised that I would take my grandson on a trip while his parents are out on a business trip. So I’ll work hard but no guarantees.