Choice of a thief (WiP)

Terminus: A city torn by civil war. That’s where your story begins. While most of the city suffers from hunger and poverty you find an, alternative source of income. Rise up from pickpocket to master thief: Compete with rival thieves to steal riches from either the greedy or the noble.

Avoid enemy guards and escape from whatever traps they may device to catch you. Will you support either the rebels or the Government in the civil war? Assist them in stealing critical information from their enemies? That’s up to you, but beware of treachery.

Will you share your ill-gotten-riches with the needy? Or will you horde it for yourself? Then again maybe you’ll just be captured by the constables. Your time has come thief.


I have a feeling this will be like Dishonored or Thief.

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So is this gonna be I can’t kill because of honor among theives or something?

Whether you kill or not is your decision. You can kill if you want but you can also spare people.

Oh this sounds great. Any idea when it will be done, or at least playable?

This sounds pretty cool

Thank you both and no, I don’t have an idea of when it will be done as of yet.

Wow! I am intrigued (strokes beard).

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Hehe we should discuss a WIP crossover between our two games sometime =p. A single scene with an assassin and a thief heheh. Maybe just maybe.

Either way best of luck, i’ll be keeping tabs on this.

  1. I love the idea of a nod to other games.
  2. Fair enough about not knowing a date. I don’t mind waiting.

Thanks. Also yeah a crossover does sound pretty cool. Assuming we could make it work.

Sounds interesting. I will be keeping an eye on this.

sounds very intresting.

What a second… TERMINUS?! The name of that place would strike fear into any Walking Dead fan!

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Exactly what i was thinking

Thank you exactly what I was thinking, I was worried about it when I first saw the name.

This sounds like a fun game! I would be willing to play.

Thank you everyone. I’m a bit new to choice script so it may take be a bit to learn how to work that thing. When I figure it out I’ll start working more on the game.

Sounds great, I’ll definitely be following.

So what’s with this civil war? Do we have to take part?