Choicescript Coder - Out of Service

EDIT: as of 11/02/23, I am no longer seeking commissions. I have just started a new full time job, and will not be able to devote time to them. Thank you for everyone who has looked here!
So, I’m about two weeks from being homeless, and need to make a buck!

If you have a Choicescript game you need coded, I’m your gal! I have a FIVERR gig set up, but PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. Please, help me make rent?

If you need a suggestion for what I’ve managed to do so far, see this:

Phoenix Rising

It’s unfinished, and unpolished, but I can at least set up a basic game for you. Let’s work together to make your dream come true!
DM me for further details!


I just posted about this.

Here my situation. I have written an 8 book series (80k+ per novel). But I haven’t published yet. I want to use ‘choice of games’ to dip a toe into a similar process.

I have 2 ideas for full games and 1 idea for a short starter game. Excited to see them all completed.

I’m a hands of learner, I need a tutor and a mentor. Someone who can guide me and help me correct errors. Also, I’m a vert fast study so we won’t be at it long.

Your payment options are doable for me.

Also, I could be available to help you with you own games via the editing process. I have a lot of experience there. As does my partner who has a bachelor’s in English and Arts. Not asking anything for that, I just want you to finish Phoenix Rising ;P.


Oh fun! Out of curiousity, what’s your book series about? I’m happy to help you make games out of it!

I’m really glad to hear that you’re interested! For the payment options, I’d say let’s go through FIVERR, if only so that the payment situation isn’t super complicated. If what you mostly need is coaching and mentoring, then that’s perfectly doable! We could go with my set rate for your starter game, and then perhaps something like a per-hour tutoring session for your bigger games, that way you don’t have to spend the full amount on those, unless you want to.

And I am ABSOLUTELY happy to get some editing for Phoenix Rising, XD I try myself, but you know how it is when you’re too close to a project, you skip over things. Do you want to DM me?

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Bumping this thread as it is still relevent!

Bumping again!

If I wasn’t broke I would take you up on it. Alas, good luck in your efforts

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Bump! Still very, very important that I get some income flowing. So I’m hungry for your support!