Choice script coder

Hey everyone.

I’ve had this ad up for a few months advertising myself as a (free) ad-hoc coder, for anyone who wants a little bit of help around specific parts of their game. I am now re-framing this ad towards picking up entire game projects (not for free).

Ideal for:

  • Anyone who would rather focus on their writing and have someone else handle all the code and ‘building’ of the game.
  • Anyone who is struggling with choice script and would like some assistance building the game mechanics they would like.
  • Anyone who would like some additional support (i.e. collaboration) on their game.
  • Anyone who would like a thorough code review, quality assurance or bug fix of their game.

What I can offer:

How would this work?
Every project is different and the first thing would be to agree a pattern of work between us (e.g. emails, discord, github and how to best collaborate).

We would meet and discuss the game and story, what your goals are and which areas you need help with (and what you would like to achieve in terms of game mechanics). From there we can agree the best approach to take and consider the level of effort required to achieve that (from us both).
I would only look to take on projects that I feel have a good chance of being completed and released as a HG.

At that point we can discuss the best way to manage payment. Essentially, I’m open to whatever methods work best for us both.

What do you need to do?
I am not looking for ‘paper projects’ - that is, an idea that you have in your head and have not even begun planning or writing.
Completing a HG is an incredibly difficult and lengthy process and the majority of ideas never progress beyond the idea stage, or one or two chapters (including my own work!)

To that end, you should have made a substantial start on your game and be able to demonstrate your motivation to see the project through to the end.


What a great offer!

As a writer I tend to spend a lot of time on the coding part and never quite get out of it what I exactly wanted. I just put a short bit I made up on the workshop Workshop Thread: Post your little games or demos for feedback - #27 by lisamarlin

If you have some time, could you have a look and see what could be improved?

Thanks in advance,


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Your code is mostly control flow (moving the player from one section of text to another in the correct sequence) - I haven’t got really far in that part of my own game (I’ve been building individual code mechanics), so I can’t talk from experience in terms of a best way to design that. But what you have looks pretty solid to me.

I think there’s no other way to code a game than lots of *goto - the main decision point is between having long scene files with lots of labels, or breaking it into different scene files and jumping between them. Small, discrete scene files can be good a) to make it easier to find things again without looking for those 5 lines of text amongst 2,000 and b) for aspects that you’re going to re-use a lot, as you potentially need a lot of control flow logic (variables) to manage the player’s numerous paths through that part of the game.

The main thing is to consider all the paths a player can take and make sure your variables and choices are correctly ‘up-to-date’ to open and lock paths accordingly.

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I have updated the OP.

I don’t know how much interest in this there will be, but if anyone is looking for a coder to help them get their project off the ground and completed, then we might be able to collaborate and see your vision come to life!