Junior Programmer offering services

I’ve been coding for a few years now in school and at work. I’ve wanted to make a choice game since playing “Choice of The Dragon” and “Choice of Broadsides” when they were new.

I’m not that great at coming up with plots or writing stories, but I have a few ideas.

I would like to offer code-fixing or perhaps even code a game for someone with a story written up.

I’m very limited on time as I have a family, school, work, and volunteer work that I do every week, but I’m pretty good at what I do, and would like to help someone with an interesting story.

Let me know what you’ve got in mind!


Are you currently busy with helping others code-fix? I’m looking for someone who I can send random bits of code to and fix whatever errors I may have encountered.

I’m happy to help out, I’m not helping anyone at the moment

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Hello, I am going to ask you something stupid but… I am new to the choice of games forum and I just joined because a friend of mine, I would like to ask you if you do know how to upload something to dashingdon, (the rough “story” I have written). So basically, could you help me please T_T.

Although this wouldn’t be the place for that question, I do understand being new. Welcome to the forum all the same. To upload a game to Dashingdon…

  1. Go to Dashingdon
  2. Create an account/Log in
  3. Click Create a Game
  4. Fill in the necessary information and create a game.
  5. Upload the relative folders and save. (Should be self-explanatory at that point)

Best of luck out there!

Thanks ^_^!!

I’m glad that got answered!

What are your rates?

Hey!! I have a game i’m making called Something In Finch, and i need quite a bit of coding help.

I say that, but now I see two people have asked :). I started making a webapp for creating choice games, but when I asked if the company was interested, they just said they’ve had a development environment in production for some number of years.

I haven’t really thought of rates. So far your the only person to ask for help. I guess I dont really care to charge, but maybe I could recieve something if you make money with it? If not just getting credit would be cool. I’m not super available, so it will definitely take time