October 2023's Writer Support Thread

Heyo all! Another month, no job. Things are starting to get desperate, finances-wise. Any help hyping up my Coding Commission Post would be incredibly helpful. Between three interviews a week on average and STILL not getting past the interviews, I’m starting to get worried.

Anywhoodle! On to the Goals!

Last months goals were:

This months goals are gonna be broken down a little further, because I feel like maybe I over-estimated myself.

  • Figure out the bug that is causing my block at the moment. (it has to do with an else fallout, and I can’t figure out where the fallout is or why it’s happening.)
  • Get a full-time job
  • Score a commission or two (if the job thing isn’t happening.)
  • Add another month of posts to the Nascent Souls Studios Tumblr

I’m hesitant to commit to NaNoWriMo this year, because A) I’m trying to get a job and if I DO get that job, I’m definitely not going to be able to finish NaNo, which always bums me out. and B)I’m trying to focus on getting my game up and running, and if I try to impose a wordcount on it, it’s gonna end up making me fail, I just know it.

Wish me luck ya’ll!