October 2023's Writer Support Thread

So… I promised myself I would stick to “Iris Halo: Tropical” but I kinda wanna do a self indulgent project. A one-shot between Eugene del Luz (My MC) and Zuri Gonzales from Creme de la Creme. Now, I’m not giving up on IHT, it’s just the one-shot is more appealing right now because I know how many chapters it will be.


my goal for this month is to finish an entry for halloween jam, if not the one I’d already started on.

I’d like to also get some work done on my main project, but im not sure what’s feasible. finally settling on something for the relationship tracker would be greatly appreciated, as would refining the outline for the next chapter, so perhaps those.


Thirded. (Although in my part of the world the ‘standard cat’ is called the European Shorthair.) Both my cats are labled as that, but since they’re rescues who knows what kind of heritage they really have. Especially the torty has hair that’s a bit too long to be really called a shorthair.


Heyo all! Another month, no job. Things are starting to get desperate, finances-wise. Any help hyping up my Coding Commission Post would be incredibly helpful. Between three interviews a week on average and STILL not getting past the interviews, I’m starting to get worried.

Anywhoodle! On to the Goals!

Last months goals were:

This months goals are gonna be broken down a little further, because I feel like maybe I over-estimated myself.

  • Figure out the bug that is causing my block at the moment. (it has to do with an else fallout, and I can’t figure out where the fallout is or why it’s happening.)
  • Get a full-time job
  • Score a commission or two (if the job thing isn’t happening.)
  • Add another month of posts to the Nascent Souls Studios Tumblr

I’m hesitant to commit to NaNoWriMo this year, because A) I’m trying to get a job and if I DO get that job, I’m definitely not going to be able to finish NaNo, which always bums me out. and B)I’m trying to focus on getting my game up and running, and if I try to impose a wordcount on it, it’s gonna end up making me fail, I just know it.

Wish me luck ya’ll!


October goals:

  • complete the rewind section for act 2 (ideally I’d want to have this done before the 15th.)
  • at a push, complete act 2 fully before the end of the month.
  • prepare to be constantly harassed with by my friend who is really into spooky month.

I’d just like to wish everyone who’s participating in Mara’s jam good luck. I wish I were able to provide feedback, but unfortunately I have too much going on at the moment to even read them. So, sorry, I guess I just feel guilty.


Don’t feel guilty. I just ask that whenever you can read any game from it. First you enjoy it and give feedback from it.

Even if it is only a paragraph. You write yourself so you know the importance of knowing your game is read.

That is for the people reading this who never left feedback because they believe their imput is not new, or important.

It is important, even if it is I read it and I found X weird or I loved it. For a writer is a boost of confidence. Knowing that what you write is shared. If nobody tells you their experiences you starts to believe you are bad writer or your game is boring.


@KZV @ViIsBae @Cecilia_Rosewood
It looks like European Shorthair will be the fifth option! :grin:


Well, somehow it’s October.

My goals for this month:

  • Write, edit, and release the epilogue of Asphodel (along with releasing Chapter Ten!)
  • Make whatever forward progress on Diaspora I have time for while doing that.

I just really want to be able to push forward and get something to the completed draft stage. The irony is that I’ve been working on Diaspora’s epilogue for literal months, but it’s harder to do for a number of reasons, including needing to coordinate with my cowriter, so the Asphodel goal feels more attainable.

I might be able to get more writing done on Diaspora once Asphodel is in the editing stages, after all.

Best of luck to everyone with your goals this month, and happy Spooky Season to those who celebrate!


I very happily failed my goal last month :joy: Technically, anyway. In reality I’m really pleased with how much I got done, given how ambitious the goal I set was. This month I’m taking it easier. Sort of.

I love October :jack_o_lantern: I want to go enjoy fall, so my writing goal is to “just” finish up the other 2 routes for chapter 9 in my WIP. While it’ll be a lot of work, I have most of the outlining done and some shared text between routes, so I’m hoping it won’t be too much of a struggle.

Wishing everybody very good luck with their goals this month! :four_leaf_clover:


'Tis the season where IFComp entries are released to the public for voting! I had a read through some of the more lighthearted, humorous, slice-of-life ones, some written by our dear author group at CoG (many thanks to them):

  • Bali B&B (Felicity Banks, from the author of Attack of the Clockwork Army)
  • One Does Not Simply Fry (Stewart Baker, James Beamon, from the authors of The Bread Must Rise)
  • Help, I Can’t Find My Glasses! (Lacey Green)
  • Dick McButts Gets Kicked in the Nuts (Hubert Janus)
  • Escape Your Psychosis (Georg Buchrucker)
  • Fix Your Mother’s Printer (Geoffrey Golden)
  • Into the Lion’s Mouth (Metalflower)
  • Last Valentines’ Day (Daniel Gao)
  • All the Troubles Come My Way (Sam Dunnachie)
  • Meritocracy? (Ronynn)
  • Trail Stash (Andrew Schultz)

Some really good ones out there!

More to come, I guess?


This month, I’ll aim to get as far as I can on my current Stormwright chapter, while also putting flesh on the bones of my short idea for the Halloween jam.


I very strongly agree with this, and I think it’s particularly relevant for IF, where a story can play out in a million different ways, and the player can take from it just as many interpretations. It would be very difficult to deliver a singular, streamlined “lesson” in every one of those playthroughs without substantially harming player freedom at the very least.

In my own project I have a moral issue as one of the central themes, and it’s one where the vast majority of my players would probably agree on which is the right side. But even so, I never lecture/preach to players or prevent them from making the “wrong” choices—they’re simply shown the world is as, and through their choices given the chance to change the situation for better or for worse.

In general, I think that simply having faith in your readers—trusting them to be reasonably intelligent and thoughtful people, to have the capacity to analyse a situation and come to their own conclusions—will always be a far superior approach than trying to bluntly impose your own views/morals upon them.


I have changed my plans and confirmed my deadlines! I realised a lot of my worry about October was that I won’t have much writing time for the last week of the month. So I’m going to write the Royal Affairs epilogue this month, which will be doable in the three weeks, and plan as much of Honor Bound Chapter 6 as I have time for. Then I’ll write Chapter 6 in November when I should have a nice runway of time to get it drafted. That configuration feels a lot more comfortable and if all goes well I’ll still get the same amount of stuff done by December.


Fun Fact about your (as in 1 persons) favorite writer: October is my favorite month of the year!

On the topic of what I wrote last month (So like 3 days ago or something), my writers doubt is coming back down. I think I’m in a place where I’m almost ready to release my long awaited 4th chapter, as in I’ve been begging myself to just finish the damned thing, but it’s like 95% because I feel there’s not enough choices.

I’m in a forum where the novels have choices, no?

So that’s the main thing on the list for these next couple days. If anyone who reads my novel sees this, these goals are serious news for them.

  • Finish up Chapter 4, in the range of 90% done

  • Finish up the my new character, 65% done

  • Tease something new

  • Plan something in the novel soon for Halloween

  • Possibly duplicate and clone my novel into a traditional one? Without Choices and all that?


This made me laugh out loud, honestly. XD I imagine someone saying this in the John Mulaney voice and it just makes me lose it.

I haven’t even had the courage to open my WIP in days. … Every time I think about it, that error stands out in my mind, and I still have no idea how to even begin trying to fix it, and I’m just… spinning my wheels over it.


Open a thread in the Choice Script Help category – there are good souls that often help figure things like this out that help in that category.

Usually, it would be helpful to also include the error given and the relevant code involved.


I typically don’t participate in these threads, but I always enjoy reading about everyone’s writing journey.

My goal for this month is to complete the remaining part of Chapter 2 of my game and begin working on Chapter 3. I hope to accomplish both by the end of this month, although I know it might be a bit too ambitious.

On a personal level, my goal is to overcome my writing-related fears. I used to attribute my writer’s block to burnout, but I’ve come to realize that more often than not, it’s rooted in my constant concern about whether others will love or hate what I create, or that my ideas are too weird, too bad, etc. This self-doubt sometimes discourages me from writing altogether.

So, my main objective is to learn how to write for myself and stop allowing negative thoughts to disrupt my creative process. I do believe that confidence will come with time since I’m fairly new at sharing things publically, so I’ll just have to plow through and trust in myself I guess :slight_smile:


Only a couple of days into the month, but I am very happy with how this short little game is coming along. It might not make it to more than like, 15-20k words, but it’ll feel really good when it’s complete. I only have about a scene and a half left to write until it’s finished!


Welcome to the thread @SleepDealer

Posting here is a small step in your journey to write for yourself, but it is a milestone nevertheless.

Many of us suffer from such “impostor” types of feelings; it is more common than you might know.

Every 15th of the month, we share excerpts in a no pressure way, and the goal of doing so is to be more comfortable sharing our writing with others. Perhaps this would be of interest to you.

Also, you can always be assured that I like your writing, so if you ever need reassurance, just look at this post to know that someone likes your writing :revolving_hearts:

This month is starting out well, everyone. Thank you for making the thread hop with activity :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’ve also always found the articles you share in the support thread very helpful. I even have some of them bookmarked :slight_smile:

Sometimes, even when the whole world compliments your work, it doesn’t make a difference if you don’t believe it yourself. It’s just an internal thing I need to work on, but thank you for the encouragement; It means a lot!