October's Writer Support Thread

Welcome all to the support thread for October.



Regrouping from an unexpected hard September, my goal for October is to concentrate on one project; specifically finishing the rewrite of the “Origins” and Introduction.

My stretch goal is to write chapter two for this project.

Once again, I hope the first day of the month is treating everyone well.


Remember to send your virtual high-fives to @HannahPS … she is quite the awards winner this year!

Here is where you can find the lowdown …


Well done Hannah!


Happy October to everyone My goal is finishing my game for the Halloween jam. I wish luck in your goals. WE CAN DO IT!


Same as Mara, I would like to finish my game by the end of October and who knows if it is more than 30, 000 words per playthrough, I could even submit it :sweat_smile:


Unlike you guys, I am not writing a game. Instead I’m focusing on this novel of mine and by October I plan to write and finish 2 chapters for it. Also I need to spend my time doing research with my country’s mythology, magic systems, worldbuilding and also my country’s history.


Novel or game the important is writing about something we are passionate about. We are all writers here :hugs: Luck with your Lore plans.


I finally feel like I am ready to rejoin this thread. I’ve done virtually no writing since I put out the demo for League of Lunacy in April and it proved to be a dud. Had a long time off from it, enjoyed some old addictions, but now it’s time to get back to it. My goal for this month will probably be something small, like 5,000 words. Try to ramp up a bit at a time.


Goal: finish Chapter 1, start on Chapter 2. I want to post a WIP thread after I’ve finished 2, so I’m eager to get to that point quickly, and it seems to be going well so far. We shall see…


Goal for the whole month: Finish my halloween WIP.

Goal for today and tomorrow: Get all the placeholders in chapter 1-2 replaced with actual text, so I have a small demo to show people, to get some feedback.

Congratulations everyone on your progress last month, and @HannahPS for the amazing reward haul!


Oh god, it’s already October!? My goal is to:

  1. Finalize the prologue of my side WIP (I’m so close!) and continue Chapter One.
  2. Finish my game for the Halloween Game Jam and make sure it doesn’t suck so much.

You can start a choicescript help thread for the specific issue you are having or just PM me lol I will help the best of my knowledge. Keep on writing.


Holy shit, it’s October already !

After spending a while not writing due to my computer breaking, I updated my WIP this week :sunglasses: About 85-90% of its second chapter is done. My goal for October is finishing that second chapter (shouldn’t be hard) and finally dusting off my first WIP lol I’ve been avoiding it because I know I’ll have to get back into outlining and I hateeee that, but…it’s time :pensive:


I will keep this short and to the point.

Let’s gooooooo~~


I found my own (small) reader group.
I made a deal with them:
One text per week of any nature (Lore, chapter, tale etc.) in exchange of their feedbacks


My goal:

  • 30,000 words (One average I wrote about 900 words a day last month, so I hope to kick it up a little)
  • Finish Chapter 2!

Good luck on your goals everyone! Remember: Be excellent, and party on!


Goals for October:

  • Complete a game in Twine.
  • Fix my sleep schedule.
  • Take a god damn break.

I literally just have to write a single question and reaction, then chapter 1 is done.

Why is it so difficult to write the PC being mean?!


Because the PC is played by a real person, and those tend to have vastly different ways to be mean, which also differ depending on which NPC they’re being mean to and the reason why they’re being mean?


It feels like it turned September just yesterday. Perhaps 2020 is speedrunning rest of its days to give us an early reprive?

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to join this month due to college starting up and a lack of ideas, but I wish everyone here good luck with their projects.

I’ve no idea, but I can relate. Goody-Two-Shoes PCs are far easier to write than mean PCs.


October already! :fallen_leaf: I’ll admit, I’ve been lurking on these past Writer’s Support threads and I think it’s time I finally join in.

My goals for this October, my favorite month of the year:

  • Finish writing chapter 9 of my WIP. It’s at 36k words at the moment, and I haven’t quite reached the middle yet.

  • Go back and polish the available demo so I can post the final public version. This is mostly bug and typo fixes, but I do have some choices I need to expand and a couple of scenes to re-rewrite. Plus, I’ll try to add an inventory system. Fingers crossed I manage to make it functional. :crossed_fingers:

  • This last goal is maybe wishful thinking, but I also want to edit and finish coding chapters 7,8 and 9 of my WIP so I can send the private link to my beta testers! This will be the first time not making a public update but instead getting feedback from a small, focused group. And I am nervous! These are big chapters so I doubt I’ll actually manage to code them all in October, but again, one can hope.

That’s it! Wish everyone a great and creative month. :orange_heart:


Same as Mara and others, my aim for this month is to try and finish my Halloween Jam project. I’m way behind due to work and personal commitments…as in I’m still on chapter 1 levels of behind. I had the realisation last week I have no idea how to code this so I’ll also be teaching myself how to use Twine. I want to learn Choice Script, so I’ve decided once the project is done I can try converting it into CS as a means of learning the ropes.

It’ll be a busy month but if I don’t finish in time, at least I’ve learned new things!