November's Writer Support Thread

Welcome all to the support thread for November.



Regrouping from an unexpected hard September, I actually achieved my goal for October.

Hoping to achieve my goal for November, I shall set it to be: Writing of the transition between Chapter One and Two.

I had a full week of October to get started on this goal, and I wrote 6,464 words so far. not a bad start, but I suspect this transition should be around 30,000 to 50,000 words in total.

My stretch goal is to write chapter two for this project.

Thank you, everyone that continues to participate in these threads – it helps others when you do participate, sometimes more than you think.

I’d also like to congratulate @poison_mara and the participants in the Halloween Jam … it was a well-run and productive event.

Once again, I hope the first day of the month is treating everyone well.

:books: :fountain_pen: :pencil2:


Didn’t get much done for the Halloween Jam on account of me procrastinating and just generally being lazy as all hell. But I have a neat idea for a story (well a rough skeleton) that I think could warrant being written up in choice script, so I want to make that my goal for this month, maybe get a prologue and a first chapter written up, see how people respond to it, I mean I’ve already spent hours writing up characters so I suppose it can be done. CS still feels a little alien, and I’m fighting the urge to not shut it down after ten minutes and play a game instead, but I’m feeling optimistic that I can actually achieve a goal I set for myself this month. :grin:



Did very little during October, but just today I did get a bit of a start on converting my Episode story to the Tales platform. Bit of a learning curve, but I’m enjoying it so far.


It’s been a while since I touched my WIP.
I kept thinking of how good stories have identifiable premise (i.e. The Dragoon Saga – Live the life of a soldier, climbing up ranks, with all the non-niceties of war // Tin Star – A fraud marshal that becomes attached to the town they govern themselves // XoR – A rebellion story with a mix of faith/belief issues). Then, looking at my WIP, no uniqueness to it. Too generic of an “action-adventure fantasy.” It’s not a bad thing to have a generic AA fantasy, but I don’t like it.

So, last night, I went back to the blueprint. I keep looking inside me: what I truly want to write? It’s kind of cathartic experience, tbh, and quite challenging too. For now, I settle on a premise more specific than generic AA fantasy and wrote a quick one-shot scene based on it, but who knows I’m changing it again.

Maybe I’m shooting myself on the foot. I shouldn’t go try hard on my first writing attempt. There’s a limit on changing the core of my story before people dismiss the WIP entry. Or I might overthinking this. We will see™ ?


So I didn’t reach my October goals, but I vastly outperformed September so I’m good with that.
Goals for this month:

  • 30,000 words
  • Finish chapter 2! (for reals this time)
  • Fix my sleep schedule ($5 says I won’t though)
  • Turn in my fall-back college applications (my main choice I submitted yesterday!)

So yeah, should be a good month! Fall/winter are my favorite seasons, so hopefully the vibe is with me.

Good luck to everyone this month! May your writer’s block never be present! :grin: :fist_right: :fist_left:


I reeeaaally want to get some stuff done this month.
Whether that will motivate me, or put too much pressure on myself and cause me to procrastinate more than normal, and loose the ability to think creatively, is yet to be seen…

Remember you can always send me a message if you have problems/questions. :blush:


Here to report for November!

My goal this month is worldbuilding and outlining for a project. Won’t probably write much, but at least I get to strech my creative muscles this way. That’s got to count for something, right?

Good luck with your projects, everyone!


Simple goal this month. Pushing out enough text to manage an update so I can post something before the end of the month to keep my topic from being locked.


It’s so jarring to wake up and remember that oh! It’s november now? :flushed: idk but I feel as if everything’s going too fast!

anyways, I’ve completed only half of the prologue (I’ve planned it to be complete after october but it’s so hard to gather inspo??) but that’s a start! I’ve only started this project about a month ago so I’m mainly focused on world-building + plotting the entire story! I’ve been worrying about it being too “generic”-feeling in some way! Hopefully, it doesn’t feel like that at all! There are stories with the same theme as mine and I hope people don’t find it boring just because of that! Anyways, please take care of yourselves and I hope all of you accomplish your goals :heart:


October was…so-so. I actually wrote more, and deeper, than before, but my issues still remain.
I wasn’t able to write an Halloween tale I had promised because I can’t menage my time.
As for my main project, while I actually made some small progress, I still have what I named “the presbyotic issue”: I can see far range (the general scheme, plot) but I can’t figure what’s just in front of me (the specific scene, I can figure certain ones better than others)


October kind of imploded for me in a lot of ways. I managed to get about 8k words written somehow, and kept up with all my patreon content and so forth, but other than that it was a bit rough. I’m hoping for a slightly smoother and more consistent November, and to that end I am reinstating my one sentence a day goal, but not setting myself any other particular word count milestones or stretch goals, as I just don’t think I’m in a place where those will be helpful.

Congrats to everyone for making it through another month of the most difficult year some of us have ever had, and best of luck on your writing (and everything else!) for this one. :slight_smile:


I’m actually pretty happy with myself for October. I managed to go from an average of 6k words a week up to 8.5k on average, and I’m shooting for 9 or 10 in November.

A huge contributing part was my quitting the two ‘gacha’ games I played on my phone which were constantly competing for my attention. Bye bye, Brave Exvius, hello more productivity!


That’s amazing! I barely manage to write 1k words a week and you managed to do that! :flushed: Do you have any tips on how to increase productivity?


Can or will anybody gave me tip to not flustered while writing some hot, sexy, luscious details. I flustered every time while writing, just by words can send shiver down my spine.

Can anybody give me advice perse?


My tips are never exciting, lol. Basicly it’s this: Write even if you don’t want to. Sometimes you have to force it even if you’re not ‘feeling it.’ As often as not, once you’re half an hour in, things will start to flow better even on bad days where you’re less inspired. Even if it’s only an hour a day, just do it.

Nobody likes my advice :stuck_out_tongue:

Roll with it. My scenes get me hot and bothered sometimes too. :smiling_imp: :sweat_smile:


Well that’s helpful, thanks anyway. :+1: :kissing_heart:


It was a serious response. Getting into it on a personal, biological level can actually be very helpful to writing those kind of scenes. If you’re not turned on while writing sexy scenes, why would your readers be?


On reader perspective I can agree with that, Thanks by the way.


I- isn’t it a normal thing? I’m not blushing, you are! Idiot

On another note, if you’re not blushing enough, your scene is not hot enough.


idk, I think your tips are actually helpful and I understand them? Like, I know how hard it is to write that chapter and all, but you still have to write anyway! But I actually get it so thank you :heart: