August's Writer Support Thread

Continuing the tradition started by @poison_mara and @Lucid here is the August support thread.

Today I am spinning my wheels, trying to compose a “customization” scene. This is most likely something I am going to need to work on … I’ve not been happy with the results I’ve had in my last three attempts at doing this.

There are a lot of good inspirational authors and sources… I just have trouble translating those inspirations into something I consider decent.

Hope the first day of August (and coincidently first weekend!) is treating everyone well.


Thanks, but the credit belongs to @poison_mara :slight_smile: I just joined her thread, because I think it’s awesome.

I recall thinking (a few weeks ago) that I might have the rough draft done today. Well, I don’t. :slight_smile: I still feel like I’m a month away. I had a good day of writing today and I hope to keep up the momentum.

I lost about a week, but it was a happy week at the trailer with the family. But now, back to work!

Good luck for August, everyone!


Last month, I wrote the most I have ever written in a single month. I’m still well behind where I want to be. Sometimes I just stare at my computer screen and can’t write one more word. But I keep pushing, and I know a lot of you are out there doing the same.


Alice here, checking in for writer support thread ride or die crew.


Well damn I didn’t know this was the hang-out for the cool kids. :sunglasses: Someone pass a cig (no, not really, it’s bad for you).

For us (and I assume Mike?) these next few months are the last stretch before school starts and “business picks up” around the household, so I want to make these weeks count.

Do y’all share your progress through the month? I’ve seen this thread but never really poked around in it. I have much confidence in all three of you, and I’d love to hear how your August goes.


Yup. The June/July thread is still up, if you care to peek in it… all of us just band together to support each other, share our progress, share tips and hints and even to vent now and then.

I know for many in America, this is a scary new world, so I will have you all in my thoughts as the school openings and such begin.

I try to post at least once a week, and usually every few days… this thread acts as a motivator for me and hope it helps everyone else too.

It is awesome sharing experiences with everyone, and picking up tips and tricks here and there helps too



I got everything I wanted to do done for July, I’m happy to report! :slight_smile:

  • Submitted my edited and finished novel manuscript. It was 535 double-spaced Word pages, and I’m scared to think of how that’ll translate to paperback. Now to wait for publication next year!
  • Updated the Shepherds alpha build with about 25,000 words!
  • Finished all of my things on Patreon, including a 5,000 word short story (I wrote in about 2 hours)!

I am mentally, emotionally, and spiritually drained, but very happy and proud that I accomplished all of my goals for the month. I’m taking a few days off to just chill and self-care before rushing back into the fray, but my goals for August are simple:

  • Keep working on Shepherds! Hoping to complete at least one other route of Chapter 4 and get at least 75% through Chapter 5.

Thanks for everyone’s support, this thread has been awesome for my morale! And good luck to everyone as August begins, I’m cheering for you!


We are very proud of you @rinari!!!

You and @JimD are beasts and your efforts seem Herculean to me.

Your participation is most welcome and appreciated as well :slight_smile:



I’m not an author, but i wish to express my appreciation for all the writers here, you people are amazing, having a goal as writing a story is admirable, good luck for all of you and thank you for your hard work ( sorry about my english )


July was a terrible loss, hopefully I can get some work done in august.


I’m having my very first pen and paper session, as a GM, next Friday, so all my writing effort this week will probably go to creating lore for my players (because I’m extra, and have to make my own setting and scenario, instead of using the absolute abundance of pre-made stuff available).
After that, I’ll hopefully be able to write some more on my WIPs.


Congratz! It may or may not scratch the same itch as writing a choice-based game, but it’s a good experience that may influence your future CS writing. :performing_arts:

I finished chapter 3 of my interactive-fiction rough draft by the end of July (also made it back home for 2 weeks now :pray: ), and took a break today to play some computer game (Long Gone Days).


Welcome (and/or back) all. :slight_smile:

My goal for this month is 15k words, or finally the complete first chapter of my demo, whichever comes first. I got very bogged down last month, but all things considered I figure I’d rather modify my goals to have a chance at meeting them than try to hold myself to standards that, while not a lot compared to what some people can do, are just too much for me right now.

Sub goal: write a sentence every day. That’s it, just one. They have a tendency to turn into paragraphs and sometimes even scenes when I can just make myself commit to being in front of the screen, typing something. So we’ll see if that helps.


My goal is to finally find time to install CS on basically any device. Because of the peculiar nature of my tech setup though, it’s going to take some research and I’ve been procrastinating it for way too long. Not to mention I decided to take way too many online courses.

I guess I’m still writing, at least. The world I’m supposed to be converting into Choicescript is currently a inactive roleplay on a backwater clicker game forum. At least I’m still editing the lore there, and I have a doc with all the ROs so far.


Checking in for the start of August!

Basically, I had a pretty bad case of burnout after submitting Hero or Villain Battle Royale at the beginning of July, and haven’t been able to face writing ever since (also, the end of term in Japan didn’t help, plus the fact that to finish that game I had to push tons of stuff aside that then caught up with me). But, most stuff has been cleared, so I am hoping to re-start work on two of my stalled WIPs. Who knows, could I get them both finished in August? I guess that is my new target!! :slight_smile:


Hi all! Happy August! I just submitted my very first hosted game and am pretty proud of myself! My goal was to do it before the end of July, but I think August 1st is close enough. I’m excited for it to be published! Sending everyone else good vibes for this month!


@adrao and @Luiza — Congrats to you both on your submissions. Now comes the (to me) nerve-racking part.

@Jaybirdy – hey :slight_smile: You accomplished a lot this past month. Don’t beat yourself up too much for having to adapt your goals. Real life sometimes dictates us being flexible – I love your sub-goal!

Everyone else – thank you for enthusiastically getting this month’s thread off to a good start :slight_smile:


Umm…can I join?


Of course … what are you working on this month?


Thanks :smile:

I’m working on a steampunk (clockpunk? Victorian-esque? I’m not sure what to call it :sweat_smile:) IF right now and I hope to upload the demo by the end of this month.

Word estimate (up until now) is around 10 to 15k, consisting of the prologue and the first chapter.