September's Writer Support Thread

Welcome all to the support thread for September.


My goal for September is to continue working on the two projects I was working on for August.

Once again, I hope the first day of the month is treating everyone well.


I have written 1k words and Did all the code for my Jam entry intro my objective is to write at least 20k for it.
The provisional Game title is Stranded


Hooray new thread! I’ve been loving these and it’s great for motivation and seeing what everyone’s up to. I received my Chapter 2 revision notes and I’m going to get editing, and then get on with coding Chapter 3 in September!


I’ve been suffering from writers block lately so I am trying to kickstart it again I want to work on Episode 5 and 6 so I want to try and do a self nanowrimo for the next couple of months and try and reach 50,000 words a month until its done.


Good fortune to everyone with their goals.

August wasn’t the most productive month for me. I got 13,000 new words down and I wanted 30,000. Not really beating myself up over it, I’m happy with what I’ve done. I’m hoping to get 30,000 words done in September which would bring me close to completion.


I’ve only just started as a writer and while my first work is off to a good start, I feel like I’m slowing down and don’t feel like much of what I write is nearly good enough. I’m hoping it’s all just in my head but I can’t help but think I won’t manage to make anything worth while.


I’m trying a few new outline processes to find something that works well. Love seeing everyone’s progress and projects discussed here and good luck to everyone this month.


Learning is worthwhile. :slight_smile:


Happy September to everyone! Thank you to @Eiwynn for continuing these wonderful threads. Like everyone else said, they do wonders for my motivation!

August was a busier month for me than I expected; I thought I’d be taking things easy after finishing my novel manuscript, but a lot of things had piled up in the time that I was working on it, so I spent the whole month playing catch-up. I did meet my goals for the month in spirit, though my wordcounts were not what I wanted them to be and I felt stressed and rushed the whole time! I feel like so many unanswered emails and messages slipped through the cracks that I’ll have to go back through and see what I missed in the last month, haha.

I just checked, though–I keep a document of my total wordcount for ShoH every month–and here’s what it looked like with one year apart:

August 31st, 2019: 152,000 words total

August 31st, 2020: 355,000 words total

So if I keep going at this rate, I’ll be adding 200,000 words to the game every year… or writing like 4 average-sized novels? That’s not so bad… right? Right?! -crying-

Goals for this month:

  • Get at least 75%-80% of the way through Chapter 5 of Shepherds of Haven.
  • Edit the marketing copy for my book, which is something I hate doing.
  • Make an outline for a potential secret demo I might tinker with in the future.
  • Keep my head above water on all of my other projects.

Trying to keep it simple and achievable! Good luck to everyone and keep on keeping on! :star2:


Whew…I worked hard in August, and I’m going to have to work just as hard in September.

Goal for Sept: 25,000 words, most of which will go towards finishing Community College Hero 2.5, and most of which will be written by mid-month. I won’t count writing promotional blurbs or stuff like that, only new story content.

I’m pumped about the prospect of getting both a CoG (Zip!) and a HG (CCH 2.5) published in 2020; that would somewhat salvage this miserable year (for me, at least).

Looking forward to reading updates! Push yourself, but only to healthy limits. I think there’s a lot of satisfaction to knowing you did the best you could do, and accepting sometimes things are out of our control.


I think my biggest issue atm is my writers block is combined with a lot of code work and rewording so my word count doesn’t actually match up to what I’ve actually written so it doesn’t feel like I’ve written much.

Good luck to everyone!


And here we are in September! I honestly can’t tell sometimes if January was two weeks ago or thirty years.

Anyway. On the heels of some pretty wild (for me) progress last month, I’m trying not to expect too much of myself haha. So my goals are fairly straightforward, and similar to last month’s arrangement:

  • Write a sentence every day.
  • Code-skeleton all of chapter 2
  • Write 10k words of “forward progress” by the end of the month

I suppose I have an unofficial stretch goal of finishing chapter 2, but that is almost certainly not going to happen. I might get close though, so I’ll keep it there as something to shoot for.

Good luck to everyone this month! It looks like a lot of us have a lot of work to do, which is oddly enough actually kind of exciting to me. In any case, I wish you all the best with deadlines or word counts or skills goals or writing jams. :slight_smile:


Goals for September:

  • Write an audioplay
  • Complete first round of beta testing for TDUP
  • Rename TDUP
  • Move sleep schedule forward about 2-3 hours.

September is here already! August and July were good in terms of writing, but I want to speed things up a little, so I’ll be shooting for 30k this month, though I’ll be content if I manage to write at least 25k again.

I’m also hoping to finish the first chapter of my novel. That one is easy to write, perhaps because it’s for my eyes only.

Good luck to everyone! It really is nice to share progress with everyone and read how you all are doing. Makes writing a little less lonely.


Reporting for writing duty here.

Since I’m stuck in a hospital for the time being, I’m going to take a page out @Jaybirdy’s book here; I’m going to try to write at least one sentence each day.

Good luck everyone! Wish you a productive month :+1:


Happy September, everyone! It really feels like autumn is going to set in, if the leaves turning brown (on my Animal Crossing island) is any indication!

August was a pretty good month for me in terms of writing. University starts on the 14th for me, which makes me kind of worried…But I do want to see what I can get done before then! My big goal for this month is so finish Chapter 4. There’s going to be a lot of branching to get done, but I’m actually quite excited for it! I just gotta outrun S.A.D.

@Jaybirdy has a great idea, I agree! I’ll try and write a sentence every day too. If all else fails, at least I’ll have 30 new sentences by the end of the month. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck, everyone! I can’t wait to see what we all do!


For September I’m clearing the decks and focusing solely on completing an outline for Project 5. Detailed outlines are the thing I struggle with the most, so while finishing it this month would be amazing, it probably won’t be done before November.

Today was not so successful, but at least I have a list of all the story things that need to be decided before I can put together a cohesive outline.

Happy September, and good luck to all!


Considering the time I spend writing is mostly made by ignoring school work I think learning was inevitable.


Going to aim for 10,000 words. :slight_smile: And go gentle on myself, because this is no easy month.


I haven’t had a productive month since the first one I discovered COG, which I believe was in June or July. Unfortunately I’ve hit a creative wall in my project where the story slows a bit, and I just don’t know what comes afterward. I know I just need to pick an idea and run with it, but none of them seem worth it at this junction. That said, my first five chapters are hanging out around 8k words right now, and apart from minor edits, I’m probably done with at least two chapters (uh, Chapter 1 isn’t one of those…). I don’t know. I’d really like to keep writing. But I just don’t have a direction.

Hopefully everyone else is doing better than I am. The weather’s starting to cool, which I find is good for my creative process. Maybe it’ll be good for everyone else’s as well!