September 2022's Writer Support Thread

Welcome all to the support thread for September 2022.


:birthday: Happy Birthday to September babies.

:mega: Thank you, everyone that continues to participate in these threads – it helps others when you do participate, sometimes more than you think.

If anyone has specific questions or concerns I may help with, please let me know.

:leaves: :fallen_leaf:

In celebration of a new Lord of the Rings series being released on Tuesday here is a fun article fans should enjoy:

My September goal is pretty much the same thing as last month.

  • Work on my Patchworks project.

Happy writing for the month of September.


And we’re back! I for one am very much looking forward to September, a month which for the moment will be both springtime(!) and hopefully free of interruptions to routine. That said, I’m back at my usual monthly goals:

  • 30k words in FoA
  • Somewhere in the neighborhood of 10k in Diaspora

Good luck to everyone this month!


I’m hoping that September will be less hectic healthwise and heatwave wise. But I’m so happy that Noblesse Oblige is out - it’s been out for a week now and I’ve had some really lovely comments from players about the game.

In September, I’m aiming to finish drafting Chapter 10 of Royal Affairs, which is the penultimate chapter of the game! I did a detailed outline during August, and now am ready to go on the writing stage. Looking forward to a lot of exciting plot developments and resolutions in this chapter!


My goal is to keeping the jam in the right track and writing a small game for it. It doesn’t sound like a fancy goal but hosting a jam can be a lot of work but it is fun!


I didn’t hit my goal last month, and school-related developments this month might make writing tough. Regardless, I’m going to aim for the same goal, but framed in terms of content rather than word count - I’m aiming to draft Chapter 2, which is actually four separate chapters depending on a key choice from the previous chapter, each hopefully hitting the same key plot points.

Good luck to everyone :cherry_blossom:


It’s always a pleasure to read everyone’s goals; I say aim high! If you fall a little short, you still made a lot of progress.

For September, I have two main creative goals:

  1. Add 30k words to Final Monologue; It’s at 40k words now, so that would bump it up to 70k. I’d really like to finish the draft by year’s end.

  2. Finish outlining a series of novels I’m co-writing with a friend. She’ll do most of the day-to-day writing, but outlining them together is helping us build a strong plot arc for the entire series that will (hopefully) reduce the amount of re-writing down the line. It keeps getting better after each session. And will it become a game eventually? Yes, definitely.

I expect to get back the proposed edits for Talon City soon, so that’s one more task that will pop up in the near future.

Best wishes to everyone on hitting their September goals.


Here I am again and glad to say I still haven’t given up.

Didn’t do much, not nearly as much as I could have considering I had the whole of August free, but alas it could’ve been worse too.

For now the prologue stands at a tad more than 30k words and I estimate needs about more 10k or so to be done.

So my goals for this month is to finish it, revise it and edit it so I can post a link on the interest check thread to get feedback on what to improve, which would be rather helpful. I’ve read my own bad writing so much I can’t even tell what sounds good or bad anymore.

Hope everyone has a great September and good luck with your goals.



I’ve finished the chapter I said the other day was giving me iffyness on some scenes, FINALLY (it, in fact, got away from me so hard I broke it into two chapters and the second part is STILL freaking huge compared to the rest).

If you want to read, feel free.

If you want to read and give me feedback (much appreciated), feel free to DM me.

If you want to NOT read but give me feedback anyway… well, feel free to frenchkiss a porcupine’s arse, I guess? :man_shrugging:


Hope you have lots of testers. I would testing it but I don’t know how you feel with my feedback as I am concerned you would end angry with me.


I’m not going to force you to read it, OBVIOUSLY, but the chances of me getting angry with you over feedback on it are… not great, to put it mildly. :smile:


I am blunt to the fault. That has caused me lots of problems here to point now only give feedback to people I know that can handle it.

In a way I am sad as I cant read wips anymore as I am incapable of read a wip without ending giving my feedback and angry all fans of it.

It is something we should think about when managing our games and our fandoms the way they respond to criticism.


Eh, I already said there are scenes on it that I don’t like. Whenever I read them I literally sneer at the screen. Like, I find their lack of flow INSULTINGLY bad.


Tell me about I have to fight so many times to not press delete in scenes. But same time If we want to make our worlds come alive and along we have to let it go and keep writing.


The bluntness of your feedback still has some value. Far from being angry, your curt dismissal of NPT was a good inspiration for me to do a lot better the next time out.


I loved your parent game. I am blunt in both ways and With me you always know what I really think, for me that is a perk but many people disagree.


Hey all, hope each of you lovely people are doing well. I am so happy to be in September, August was a car crash of a month for me personally and in word count. Ended the month with covid and a horrible brain fog I’m still fighting through.

With one exception. I released the prologue to my side project “Wrath of an Empire” which I am super proud of as it has the potential to avoid my early failings that plagued my first and current main project to this day. Should be a clean and efficient project.

For this month I hope to push out a large update for my main project The Operative as well as part two of the prologue for side project.


Hello everyone :slight_smile: Last month I grabbed the bull by the horns and forced myself through the agonizing part of building momentum, which worked pretty well! I wrote 30-ish sprints varying from 100-2000 words and got some really good writing done. Not much, but enough to stave off that nagging voice telling me it’s just easier to quit. I’m feeling hopeful for September. I think I’m just going to continue on as I’m doing now, writing one sprint a day – forgiving myself for the days when I fail to do even that, and pushing myself to do a few more on days that feel productive.

Today is a great day too, as I have a whole day to myself to commit war crimes against the written word.


Good luck to all of you that are making your story come alive, lord knows it’s hard work. Take care!


Hello there! New here, and sending everyone good vibes as they work on their projects :smiley: In September I’m hoping to get through the first draft of chapter 6 of my game… A little ambitious given that I only have time to work on the weekends, but I think I have a shot at getting there!

Also, I really liked the LOTR article. I read the Silmarillion ages ago and I remember loving it :heart_eyes: The thought of singing the universe into existence… so cool.


My goal for September is finishing and posting Ch 1 of XoR2. :slight_smile: Let’s see how it goes!


Well that’s some big-time news right there. Congrats!